The Change-Up O/S

Chapter 1

Bella is on the prowl, needing a fix in a bad way. This just isn't her month. Not only had she lost her job because her manager was beginning to go off the deep end, but she also barged in on her boyfriend-well, now ex-boyfriend-fucking another woman...on her bed. She went off the handle, picking up the heaviest things within reach and whipping them at Tyler and his whore on the bed. Bella didn't necessarily blame the woman, but she had to know by the appearance of the apartment that he lived with someone, was with someone.

She kicked him out the same day; it had always been her apartment anyway. She gave him until the end of the day to get his stuff out, and if it wasn't gone by the time she returned home from work, she was calling the Salvation Army to come and get it all. It was the day after she kicked Tyler out that she lost her job.

Bella wanders through the rain-dampened streets of Seattle, searching; for who or what, she's not sure. Her skin is taut, like she hasn't used lotion after a shower for a few weeks, but she knows that's not the problem. Her body is screaming for contact; a good fucking would help. Her vibrator has not been satisfying her needs the last week or so and she's dying for some skin on skin connection. The need is crawling through her veins.

She turns a corner and hears thumping music. Lady Gaga is spouting off lyrics about some lavender-haired girl. Without even looking at the sign above the establishment, Bella makes her way to the entrance; a woman is at the door instead of a man, and cards her. She slaps a bracelet around her wrist and Bella walks in.

She quickly makes her way over to the bar and waits for the pretty bartender to notice her. It doesn't take long as the club is not all that busy. This usually isn't the type of establishment Bella enjoys. She likes her pubs, her hole-in-the-wall bars that have dartboards and pool tables and grumpy old men enjoying their drafts while they grumble over Mariner statistics.

No, this is very different than her regular bars. But tonight, she doesn't care. Tonight, she is leaving it all up to fate. So far, it isn't so bad.

The brunette bartender with black rimmed glasses finally makes it over to her.

"What'll it be, sweetie?" She has a very feminine voice, but she is able to project it so Bella can hear her over the loud music.

She holds up two fingers. "Bourbon, clean."

The bartender eyes her carefully and nods. Not a minute later, Bella's shots are in front of her; she downs one and leaves the second on the bar. She raises her hand just a bit to get the bartender’s attention once again. She waits a few moments and the bartender comes back to her.

"What do you have for wheat?" She asks, knowing that she should slow down and not pound bourbon all night.

"Right now, we have Paulander Heif-weizen. It's good."

She nods at the bartender. "I'll take one. And another bourbon."

The bartender eyes the full bourbon in front of Bella, but just nods and moves to get her drinks. She returns with them a minute later and Bella picks up the bourbon from her first order and downs it. She picks up the bottle of beer and takes a pull.

Bella swings her barstool around to survey the club now that she has some alcohol in her bloodstream. She looks to the dance floor and sees a lot of women. She moves her eyes to the balcony and sees yet more women. She looks to the tables and sees women, and one man, who appears quite flamboyant.

Bella quickly turns back to the bar and takes a long pull from her beer. The bartender stands on the other side of the bar, looking at her. A small smile adorns her face.

She sees the surprise on Bella's face and laughs. "Did you look at the sign above the door before you came in? You certainly weren't expecting all women, were you?"

Bella studies the woman for a second and smiles. "No, I didn't, and no, I wasn't, but I don't mind. It's all about fate, baby."

The bartender really studies her this time and licks her lips just a little. Someone at the end of the bar-another woman-calls to her, “Angela." She winks at Bella and moves to the other end of the bar. Bella picks up the last bourbon and feels it burn down her throat. She quickly finishes the rest of her beer and leaves her coat on her chair to let the bartender know she will be back.

Bella makes her way onto the dance floor. She does not know who sings the song that’s playing, but she doesn't really care. She feels the heat of the alcohol throughout her body and she begins to sway. There are other bodies around her, swaying like hers. Some caress, some kiss, some grope, but Bella just sways and closes her eyes. Her arms go above her head and she slowly undulates to the music. This is something she has never done, although it’s not like she never felt the need. Tyler had always kept her on a leash. But she has regained her freedom and she refuses to ever let it be taken again. She is her own fucking woman.

The song ends and a new one begins. Bella keeps dancing, this time a little quicker. Her eyes remain closed as her body moves, feeling the music move through, over and around her. She feels a brush of skin, but doesn't open her eyes. Sensing the presence of more bodies, Bella knows that women are crowding the dance floor.

Feeling a graze on the small of her back, her eyes open this time and she moves around to see who’s touched her.

Bella has never felt a strong attraction to a woman; she has always stuck to men. But in this moment, she cannot deny the surge of desire that courses through her. She still feels the tingle on her lower back where the woman's finger trailed along just moments ago.

The blonde pulls Bella to her and they begin to sway together. The woman looks Bella in the eyes, focuses. One of her hands trail the side of Bella's body, learning her curves while the other nestles at the nape of her neck, touching her hair. Bella is unsure of what to do. She has never done this before, at least not with a woman. She imagines it can't be much different than with a man, so she returns the blonde's attention.

Bella looks up and the blonde smiles down at her. She is just a little taller than Bella, the way Bella likes. Without thinking, Bella finds herself raising her hand and tracing the woman's luscious lips with her finger. She feels the breath that moves through them and the woman's tongue just barely touches her fingertip. Bella feels a shock go through her.

Scared and unsure, Bella continues to sway with the beautiful woman. She has never been in this kind of situation, has never dreamed that she would be in this kind of scenario. Not only is she worried about being put on the spot like this, and by a woman, but she is also incredibly afraid of the feelings and thoughts that rage through her mind and body. She likes this woman and is turned on by her. If only arousal were a strong enough word to describe it.

Without another thought, Bella flees. She runs past the bartender, leaving her coat and unpaid bar tab. She doesn't think about any of these things as she runs out the door though, she just runs. None of these things register as she flies out the door. Outside, Bella turns the corner and begins to make her way home. She runs for a while, and then slows to a walk after she feels a stitch in her side. Bella is oblivious to everything but the thoughts in her head and the mental image of the blonde.

Bella walks a little while longer and is a block from her apartment when she hears a sound. Assuming it is the bouncer, she thinks maybe she should turn around and go back to pay. Bella doesn't have to go inside to pay the bartender and get her coat; maybe she could get the bouncer to take the money in to Angela and grab her jacket. Feeling guilty about not paying her tab and tipping the bartender, Bella turns around and collides with a body.

Bella loses her balance and begins to fall, but hands reach out and grip her, holding her up.

"Whoa there, Beautiful. You okay?"

Bella looks up and stares at the blonde from the bar. She attempts to say something, but nothing comes out. She is baffled.

"You're a first-timer, aren't you? It's okay; you don't have to be shy with me, sugar. I'm Rose, by the way." She sticks her hand out towards Bella. She is holding Bella’s coat in her other hand.

Bella bites her bottom lip and takes Rose's hand, but doesn't shake it. Their hands are suspended in the air, holding on to one another, unsure of where to go next.

"I need to go back to the bar. I didn't pay...and my coat..." Bella stumbles across her words, flustered and still turned on. She feels desire building in her stomach. She moves her feet a little, trying to make it go away, or to distract herself.

Rose smiles. "Nah, I got it, Angela is my cousin anyway...the bartender. And I grabbed your jacket." Rose moves and places the coat around Bella's shoulders. She slowly grabs Bella's long hair pulls it out of the coat.

A chill moves through Bella, but it is not from the cold. She quickly reaches toward her neck and grabs Rose's hand. "I.....I've never," she whispers.

"I know. But I promise to be sweet, Bella. And we can take this at your pace. We only go where you want to go." Rose wants to taste Bella's lips, the sexy, pouty lips that have been mesmerizing her since she first laid eyes on the girl stumbling into her club.

Rose moves to stand in front of Bella again, closer this time. She can feel the girl's warm breath hit her throat in the cool autumn air. Rose wants to taste it, her, she wants to taste every inch of this brave woman. She moves her hand to Bella's chin and tilts her face up to hers. And slowly, to give her time to back out, Rose leans in. She doesn't touch her lips to Bella's right away, but feels the warm breath that comes from the girl’s mouth and breathes it in. Bella's breaths are shaky but she doesn't back away. Rose gently makes their lips touch, and Bella lets out a soft moan.

Rose takes that as permission and lets her tongue run along Bella's bottom lip. Bella gasps and opens her mouth, inviting Rose in. Rose accepts the invitation immediately and begins to explore Bella's mouth, reveling in the most delicious taste she has ever experienced in another woman. They kiss under the hazy light of the street lamp until they must break apart, both breathless and buzzing with sexual need.

They both pant heavily and Bella reaches into her coat pocket. She wouldn't have been able to get into her apartment without going back to the bar anyway; her keys are in her coat pocket. She pulls them out and unlocks the entrance to the building. She takes a step inside and looks back at Rose, who has not moved.

"Are you coming?" she asks timidly.

A large smile stretches across Rose's face. "Like I could ever deny you now that I know how it feels just to kiss you."

Rose follows Bella up two flights of stairs, watching the sway of her ass. She wants to grab onto the woman's sensual hips; she reaches out and touches the sliver of bare skin that peeks out from beneath Bella's coat. In front of her, Bella quietly moans.

The two women finally stand outside of Bella's apartment door and she jingles the keys and bounces the shitty lock to get the door open. Bella holds it open; she nods for Rose to enter and follows her inside. Setting her keys on the table that sits just inside the door and under the mirror, Bella looks in the mirror at the woman standing behind her. Rose feels it and meets Bella's gaze in the reflection. Bella moves to take her coat off, but Rose beats her to it and slides the jacket from her shoulders.

Bella turns around as Rose is hanging the coat on a hook. Rose moves to untie her own jacket, but Bella stops her hands and loosens the belt for her.

This is so new to her, but Bella almost feels that it’s more sensual than undressing a man.

The belt falls to Rose's sides and Bella moves around to Rose's backside and slides the coat from her long arms. She turns and hangs the coat on the hook next to her own.

Bella gently grabs Rose's shoulder to angle her toward the living room and turns and walks. She flips on a lamp in the corner and grabs the remote to her radio, turning it on.

"Would you like something to drink?" Bella could really use another alcoholic beverage. It's not that she needs to be drunk to do this, not at all; she just needs to relax a little more.

"Whatever you are having is fine with me." Rose begins to walk around the room, studying it and looking at the framed photographs on the walls. There are also a few pieces of eclectic art she admires.

Bella emerges from the kitchen with two bottles of wheat beer. "I hope this is okay."

Rose smiles and nods. "This is great. I needed to drink a little bit more at my bar, but I met this sexy brunette who ran out on me. I couldn't let her go though, so I missed out on the rest of my drinks."

Bella looks at her, studying her facial expression and her eyes, testing them for truth. Bella finds no lies in Rose's eyes.

She takes a long pull from her beer and sets it on the coffee table. Both women sit on the couch; Rose sits back and relaxes but Bella is still tense. Rose senses it and reaches her hand out, placing in on Bella's leg, just above her knee. Bella tenses a bit more but feels the heat of Rose's hand, the warmth traveling to her lower abdomen. It feels like a rubber band tightening. She knows the feeling well. She has had a few desirable partners, but never in her life did she think she would be feeling it because of a woman.

She wants Rose and it scares her, scares her because it is the unknown. But if she looks at her life and the way it has been going this past month, she recognizes it as a crossroad. She can remain on the same path she has always followed, or she can follow what her heart is screaming at her to do. Bella is not sure her brain agrees, but she cannot just ignore her heart. She went out for the evening with the intention of listening to fate, and she simply cannot turn away when it stares her in the face in the form of the gorgeous woman before her.

Bella looks at Rose and takes a deep breath. She grabs her beer from the table, finishes it off and sets the empty bottle back down. Rose watches her closely.

"Rose?" She pauses, "I want you to kiss me again."

Bella looks down at her knees as she says it, and watches Rose's hand. Rose begins to swirl her fingers around the inside of Bella's lower thigh and moves closer. With her other hand, she brings Bella's face to hers. They stare at each other for a few moments, maybe many, maybe barely any at all. This time, Bella leans in and makes the first contact, surprising Rose with her courage.

Their kisses are gentle at first. Rose lets Bella lead and get more comfortable knowing the girl is a virgin to women. Bella slips her tongue out to taste Rose's lips and Rose opens her mouth to gently receive Bella’s gift. Bella whimpers and glides her tongue into Rose's mouth. Rose returns with a gentle prod of her tongue and moves her hand just a little higher on Bella's thigh.

Rose is beginning to get really heated. The girl tastes so damn good; she wants to taste all of her. She is silently begging God to let it get that far.

"Unn...fuck Bella, you taste so good. I fucking love breathing you." Rose's voice comes out breathy and slightly low. It makes Bella feel even warmer, hot. Bella needs more room. She wants to lie down next to Rose, to spread out beside her and kiss her, long and hard.

"Bedroom,” Bella groans out between Roses lips. They both stand but keep kissing, fumbling back toward Bella's bedroom. The hallway is short and they are there after a minute. They stand at the foot of the bed and Rose reaches down to the hem of Bella's shirt. They stop kissing and Rose looks to Bella, asking permission. Bella nods her approval but feels a small bubble of anxiety rising.

Slowly, Rose lifts the red shirt over Bella's head. She desperately wants to see Bella's skin, but keeps her eyes on her face until she seems comfortable again. Rose notices that Bella's breathing has quickened once more and so she begins to kiss her again. It starts slowly, but quickly builds to a frenzy. Rose breaks her mouth from Bella's and begins to kiss along her jaw and down to her neck. Bella lets out small moans as Rose moves down her chest a little more, trailing her hand to one of Bella's breasts. Palming it over her bra, Rose touches the skin not covered by the cloth with the lightness of a feather, causing goosebumps to break out over Bella's smooth skin.

Bella is growing more comfortable and reaches to the hem of Rose's shirt, wanting to give back what she is receiving. She pulls up a bit and Rose raises her arms, allowing Bella to pull the shirt over her head.

They kiss and groan and mumble "so good" back and forth to another. Bella finds the courage and begins to kiss down Rose's neck to her breasts. She reaches around her back and unclasps her bra. Rose's supple breasts break free of their cage and Bella looks back up to her face. Rose smiles slightly and lowers herself to the bed, crawling to the head of it. Bella walks around to the side that Rose lays on and sits beside her.

Slowly, Bella raises her hand and touches one of Rose’s nipples; it puckers tighter and Rose whimpers. Bella wants to taste it, wants to taste all of this sexy woman. Her fear is dissipating; Rose will not judge her.

She lifts a leg and straddles Rose's legs. She slowly lowers her top half down; Rose watches her, but says nothing. Bella kisses just above Rose's belly button, and begins to move around her torso, kissing and licking. She blows air across the areas that she licks and Rose hisses in pleasure. Bella moves her kisses to Rose's chest, her nose pressed to the skin, between her gorgeous tits. Bella darts her tongue out to the side and Rose arches her back ever so slightly, begging for it.

Bella moves her mouth above the tight nipple and flicks her tongue out touching the tip as Rose gasps and bucks her hips. Bella moves her entire mouth over the nipple and sucks, it is hard and wanting. She moves her hand to the other nipple and plays with it; she kneads the soft flesh of the large breast and teases the skin. After several moments Rose grabs Bella's head and brings her up to her face, kissing her hard; she then flips Bella to her back and straddles her. She wants to cry at the girl’s bravery, but she doesn't.

She unlatches Bella's bra and immediately begins sucking on a nipple. Bella’s breasts are smaller than her own, but she palms them and they fit perfectly in her hand. The skin is silky smooth and pale. Bella begins to grow quite aroused and is making all kinds of noises. She grunts, she groans, she whimpers.

Rose stops and sits up a bit. She looks at Bella's face, alight with ecstasy, and moves a hand to the button on Bella's jeans. Rose keeps her eyes on her face, waiting for Bella to stop her; she doesn't. She unbuttons the jeans and moves to slide them off, dropping them to the floor. She removes Bella's socks and lies down beside her.

They kiss again and Bella begins to twine her fingers through Rose's long hair. It feels like silk and Bella wants to run her fingers through it forever. She props her head up with one hand and moves the other one back to Rose's nipple. She swirls it a few times and then takes her hand lower, to the button of Rose's pants. She flicks it open and helps Rose take them off. They are both in their underwear. Rose’s is silk and frilly; Bella’s, stripey and boycut.

Rose moves her hand down to Bella's waist and makes circular motions on her hip. Slowly, she takes her graze lower and lower until she is just above Bella's clothed slit. She feels the heat of it and gently pushes her finger over the sensitive area. Bella bucks and Rose is amazed at how wet she is. Wet for her

"Ungh. Please Rose. Please."

Rose doesn't need anything more. She begins to rub her fingers back and forth over Bella's slit, eliciting more heavy moans from the sexy woman beside her. Bella plays with Rose's nipples and their mouths find each other again. They kiss and touch and soon it is not enough for Bella. She wants to touch Rose too, but she doesn't want the cloth barrier. She wants to FEEL her.

Bella reaches her hand down to the top of Rose's panties and starts to slide them down. Rose freezes a little, stunned, but then lifts her hips slightly to allow Bella to pull them off. Bella looks down to see all of Rose; she is exquisite and shaved. Part of Bella worries for a second as she is not completely shaved and does not know what this situation calls for. She refuses to stop though; she needs this too much.

Bella moves her hand between Rose's legs just over her shaved mound. She slides her finger over the outer area of Rose's slit.

"Uh. SHIT! That feels so good Bella. good."

Bella slips her finger inside Rose and touches the wet softness. It feels so good, like she should have been doing this a long time ago. Rose groans and bucks her hips slightly. As Bella slowly pumps her finger in and out of Rose, she adds another finger and then grazes over Rose's clit. Rose holds in a scream.

"SHIT! I can't believe you just did that!"

Bella stops her ministrations. "I'm sorry...I..."

"Shit, Baby, no, don't be sorry. I'm just surprised. It feels so fucking good. You feel so good."

Rose moves her mouth to Bella's again, devouring her. Bella begins to thrust her fingers deep into Rose again and Rose raises her hips to meet them. Rose hooks her fingers into Bella's last piece of clothing and tugs it down; Bella kicks her underwear off as Rose moves her fingers between Bella's legs.

Rose runs her long fingers over the very short hairs that Bella leaves to grow on her mound. Rose loves it. She rarely sees hair on a pussy anymore and would let her own grow, but hates the growing-back itch. Bella has a beautiful short patch of dark hair. Rose touches it and becomes more turned on. She slips fingers into Bella's folds and grazes her clit; Bella cries out and mutters a 'fuck' and bucks her hips. Rose pumps her glorious fingers in and out of Bella; her fingers grow wetter and wetter as Bella becomes more and more aroused.

Rose slips her fingers from Bella and lifts them to her face; she can smell the heady, intoxicating scent. Bella's eyes flick open to see Rose lick the juices from her fingers and her eyes grow wide.

"You taste amazing. Have you ever tasted yourself, Bella?" Bella shakes her head no; she has never thought to taste her own arousal.

Rose lowers her finger to Bella's lip and wipes some of the slickness across them. Bella hesitates and then flicks her tongue out.

Bella looks up to Rose and sees a predatory look in her eyes. It makes Bella’s blood boil all the more. Jolts of need shoot through her body. Rose recognizes the need as it matches her own and she slowly begins to move to the other end of the bed. Bella wants to be frightened by what this means, but she cannot find the fear, only the want. She wants Rose to do this, wants Rose to lick her. She wants to lick Rose as well, long and hard; she wants to thrust into her with her tongue and fingers.

Rose opens Bella's legs wider and situates herself between them; she begins to kiss and lick the insides of her thighs. Bella's hands grip the bed sheets and she squirms as Rose returns her fingers to Bella's folds and begins to once again pump them inside of her. Rose continues to kiss closer and closer to Bella's clit and the scent grows stronger. Bella feels like she may die in anticipation and is about to open her eyes and look when she feels soft and wet against her wet. A spasm of pleasure flows through her body and her back arches off of the bed.

"Oh FUCK! Fuck, Rose, fuck me. That is so good. Shit!" She opens her eyes and watches as Rose tongue fucks her.

Rose looks up at Bella as she spouts off profanities when she first laps at Bella's clit. She savors the flavor of Bella on her tongue and then begins to use both her tongue and her fingers. Bella squirms and thrusts her hips in Rose's face and Rose moves faster; Rose's hair falls across the bed and some of it lies upon Bella's pussy, tickling her. They both ignore it as Rose is working Bella into a frenzy and Bella begins to feel the tension build in her lower half. She is so close she could scream.

With a couple more thrusts of her fingers, Rose licks one more time and then gently bites down on Bella's clit. It throws Bella over the edge and she screams and pants, her body convulsing. Rose continues to lap up the juices that Bella spills out, a gift for Rose's hard work.

Rose kisses Bella's mound one more time and begins to kiss back up to her chest then to her mouth. Bella attacks Rose's mouth like it is her ticket to eternal life. She tastes herself on Rose and loves the mingled flavors.

They kiss for a while and Bella begins to play with Rose's breasts again. She really admires them; they are fucking gorgeous tits. Bella wishes she had a pair like them, but likes them better on Rose.

Bella kisses down Rose's torso and licks around her belly button. She wants to go further, but she is unsure. Rose senses and runs her fingers over Bella's forehead.

"You don't have to. I'm not like that. I won't push you past your comfort. Tasting you was enough for me."

Bella nods, but her mind is made. Rose's generosity makes her want to give back as much as she can, and she will.

Bella returns her fingers to Rose's gloriously shaved folds and slowly pumps them in and out, smoothly. After a minute she gets an idea. She stops and holds a finger up to Rose, asking for a moment. Bella stands up and goes over to her bedside table. She opens a drawer and pulls out her vibrator. Bella looks at Rose, who has an eyebrow arched, but a smirk on her face.

Bella brings the vibrator back to bed with her and turns it on. She climbs between Rose's legs and places the vibrator against Rose's core, but does not push it in; she lets the vibrations work their magic and turn Rose on. Bella slips the vibrator inside Rose and pulls it back out; she does it again, and this time runs the thumb of her free hand over Rose's clit.

Rose calls out, a throaty moan. Bella pumps the vibrator in and out of her several times and gently flicks Rose's clit, making Rose moan even more.

Bella pulls the vibrator out after several moments and throws it to the bed. It is all or nothing; Bella leans in and brushes her nose along Rose's slit. She places her tongue along the folds and laps at the wetness. Rose bucks her hips as Bella thrusts her tongue in as far as she can; the taste is exquisite. Bella adds her fingers back in with her tongue thrusts and fucks Rose as hard as she can. Bella feels her own body beginning to work itself into a frenzy. She licks at Rose's clit and listens as she squirms on the bed. Bella thrusts her fingers hard one, two, three more times and sucks hard on Rose's clit, then blows a cool stream of air into Rose.

Rose comes undone; she has never had such a strong orgasm, never felt the tightness build quite like that in her and then just completely erupt. Rose lets go of the bed sheets as Bella continues to drink in her juices. When Bella is done, she crawls back up to meet Rose and once again, they kiss, marrying their tongues.
After a while, the kisses become pecks and then they stop altogether. They lay entwined, still playing with one another, but more for fun. They are utterly exhausted and spent; completely satiated.

At some point, they both use the bathroom and quickly make their way back to the bed. Bella glances at the clock and groans but when Rose eyes it, she laughs. Three thirty in the morning; these are normal hours for Rose, but not for Bella. They roll into one another and lay there quietly with their eyes closed.

"Good night Rose. I'm so glad I went into that bar." Bella whisper-mumbles to Rose.

"Night Bella. I am, too."

They both silently think about the evening’s events as they relax into the bed and each other, trying to fall asleep. Bella replays the evening and thinks about what this means for her. She has never before ventured down this avenue, never really even thought about it. Bella knows she still definitely likes men, but now realizes that she likes women least, the one lying beside her.

Is she ONLY attracted to the woman beside her? Bella thinks back to the woman that sat outside of the club, checking ID’s. She had caramel-colored hair and she was pretty, but did Bella find her sexy? NO. She didn't find her sexy; the woman held nothing for her…not that looks are everything.

What about the bartender, Angela? She was sexy in a librarian kind of way, but Bella didn't feel the desire to tongue-fuck her like she had to Rose; still, she couldn't deny that the bartender was cute.

Bella's thoughts begin to grow murky and she soon drifts off to sleep.

All the while, Rose has her own thoughts about what happened tonight. She is surprised by her actions. She has never before run out after a woman. Rose has always been the one pursued, but something in her told her to go after the girl.

So she did.

Rose could tell the girl was fresh, a first-timer when she walked into her club. When the girl actually made it out onto the dance floor and began to move, Rose was shocked...and turned on. She decided she wouldn't push the girl if she showed interest, but fuck if she wasn't shocked when Bella moaned as Rose kissed her the first time.

Rose did not often find it easy to get off with another woman. Actually, she had never been able to get off with another woman, but she still enjoyed the intimacy and also loved to taste them. Men had always been able to do the trick, but she attributed her inability to cum with women to her childhood, and the abuse she took from her mother. Tonight had kind of been like a breakthrough for her, and she owed it to the sweet woman beside her.

Tonight Bella had taken Rose somewhere she had never been. It left Rose euphoric and somewhat raw, but ever so grateful.

Rose cannot wait to tell Edward about this. He is her longtime friend and confidant, as well as fuck buddy. He knows of her love of women, but will be as surprised as she is that she was able to get off with one. They have had many conversations about this barrier that she has had with women for so long.

After a while, Rose's coherent thoughts morph into her dreams, and the two women sleep.

Bella wakes up first. She glances at the clock and is glad, for once, that she does not currently have a job. It is eleven in the morning. Bella quietly climbs out of the bed, not wanting to disturb the beauty beside her, and makes her way to the bathroom

Bella gets dressed and goes to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. She is sitting down reading the newspaper, scouring it for employment, when Rose emerges from the bedroom.

"Morning Rose." She says it quietly, timidly.

Rose smiles. "Don't be shy and all that shit, I know you are certainly not shy!" She walks over to Bella and kisses her on the mouth.

Bella's breathing spikes, but she kisses Rose back. "Would you like something for breakfast? Coffee?"

"Coffee would be great, just black."

Bella pours her a cup and sets it in front of Rose. There are a few moments of awkward silence before Rose speaks up.

"So, what are you doing today?"

Bella feels a little strange in this situation. She is not sure what she expected, but it isn't this; it feels so....domestic. She smiles. "Uh, looking for a job, I guess."

"Mmm, that sucks. What do you do, if I may ask?" Rose has an idea brewing.

"Well, I did advertising at the last place I worked, and I did bookkeeping at the place before that. Wow, I sound like a job whore, but the first place went belly up and my recent place canned me because my manager went psycho."

Rose nods, "So, do you do all that computer shit then, too? Graphic design, yada yada yada?"

"Oh yeah, I know how to do all kinds of shit. I was designing a lot of web pages and marketing boards at the last place."

Rose nods and stands up. She moves over toward the door and slips her boots on, then laces them up. "I have to get going, Bella. That bar you met me at last night, well, that's MY bar. I need to talk to my cousin and make sure nothing major happened after I left last night and I need to do inventory."

Rose straightens up and grabs her jacket from the hook; she swings it around her shoulders and slips her arms in the holes. Bella walks over to her and begins to tie the belt around Rose's waist for her.

"Give me your phone, Bella."

Bella reaches over to the table by the door and grabs her phone, handing it to Rose. Rose programs her number into it and then calls her own phone and hangs up.

"I would like to see you again, Bella. Would that be okay?"

Bella nods; she wants to see Rose again as well. "I'd like that."

Rose opens the apartment door and turns back to Bella. "Stop by the club later, around six tonight if you don't have anything going on. I may have a job for you if you are interested. If not, that's cool, but stop by anyway."

"You don't have to give me a job...."

Rose holds her hand up..."I know I don't, but I need to hire someone, and I like you. I TRUST you."

Bella nods and Rose leans in close to her and kisses her softly; she moves her tongue over Bella's lips. Bella opens her mouth and touches her tongue to Rose's.

Rose breaks it off after a bit. "I've gotta get going, Kitten. See you tonight?"

Bella nods and Rose winks at her and walks out into the hall. She reaches the door to the stairs and opens it. Rose turns back and smiles at Bella and then disappears through it. Bella looks out in the hall and notices her neighbor smiling at her. Bella rolls her eyes and then turns to go back into her apartment.

"Shut up, Esme!"

Bella shuts the door and picks her phone up. She types out a quick test message to Emmett:

holy shitz yo! call me AY-SAP cuz I need some fucking mental dialogue release. ur never gunna believe what went down last night. that would be me...but on WHO? fucking call me assbag!

Bella sets her phone back down and walks to her bathroom to take a shower. She needs to gush to someone; she prays Emmett calls soon.

On the street below, Rose makes the short trek back to her club. As she walks, she flips open her phone and hits #2 and Send. The name "Eddieboy" pops up on the screen. It rings twice and someone answers.

"Holy fuck, Edward! You have GOT to meet this girl from last night!"

~~And that is the twat-licking motherfucking end~~
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