The Change-Up Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Bella is nervous about the prospect of a new job, especially under the circumstances of how she came across the opportunity. But, an opportunity is an opportunity, and she can’t pass it by.

Bella never had been the type of girl to get all frilled up; most of her wardrobe consisted of jeans and t-shirts. She occasionally wears skirts and blouses when it is required of her, but she mainly choose to stay casual. Besides, most of her "dress-up clothes" leave her feeling more like an old lady than a twenty-something-year-old. She curls the last strand of her long hair with the curling iron and unplugs it from the outlet.

Bella looks in the mirror one last time before she walks out of the bathroom, fidgeting with the tattered hem of her shirt. "That'll have to be good enough." She speaks to herself through the mirror and shrugs her shoulders. She received a text from Rose earlier in the day detailing her on what time she should arrive for work and what type of attire she should wear. Rose told her to dress comfortably, so here she stands, in her holey skinny jeans, her Chucks and an old t-shirt she picked up from Goodwill that is so old it is a bit worn through.

She moves through her apartment to make sure she turned off the TV and any other appliances. She grabs a bottle of water from the fridge and makes her way to the front door. Grabbing her corduroy shoulder bag and keys, she locks the door and lets herself out of the apartment.

On the walk to the bar, Bella thinks back to three nights ago, to the night she met Rose. Bella had always been a 'made for a man' kinda girl. She never thought of experimenting in college or after, for that matter. What happened with Rose was completely spontaneous and totally out of character for her. It was exactly what she needed. She and Rose had not gotten together since that first night, hadn't even spoken on the phone, but here she is, on her way to a new job and working for Rose.

Bella can’t help but worry that it might be weird working for Rose and is a bit confused about what comes next. She doesn’t know anything about Rose, and curses herself for not asking nearly enough questions. With everything happening so fast, there hadn’t really been time to. She knows both in her heart and her mind that if she'd had the time to think it all through, it never would have happened.

As Bella walks to her new job, she wonders what will come of her and Rose. Will they become friends? Is what happened three nights ago the first and last time that kind of contact will ever happen between the two of them? Does she want more? Does Rose want more? They are going to have to have a talk.

Before Bella turns the corner, to walk just a few more steps to the bar, she pauses, steeling herself. She takes a few deep breaths and once again, straightens her shirt out and turns the corner. The moment of truth is upon her.

It is a Tuesday evening - a slower night for the club - so there is no one at the door to allow her entrance or check her ID this time. Bella pulls open the heavy, blood-red door and steps through. The music in the club is loud, like the last time she was here, and the lights are dim. Strobe lights move over the dance floor where a few bodies sway to the music and into one another. Bella takes another deep breath and heads toward the bar.

There are only a few people, mostly women, who sit at the bar. Angela leans against the bar at the far end but notices Bella as soon as she is in sight. Angela holds up a finger to the woman she is speaking to and gives her a charismatic, yet flirty smile. She makes her way over to Bella.

"Hi! Bella, right? How are you? Rose said you would be in tonight." Angela beams at Bella and tosses her long, black hair over her shoulder.

"Hi, Angela. I'm good, thanks for asking. Rose said for me to come in tonight, and I have no idea where to go. Is she here?" Bella is beyond nervous and wonders if Angela is able to decipher anything in what she just said.

"First off, it's Ang or Angie. Only my mom calls me Angela. Ick. And Rose is in the office, let me show you," Ang says as she lifts the bar divider and steps out from behind it. She walks in front of Bella and down a hall to the right; Bella quickly follows her.

Ang knocks once and opens the door, ushering Bella inside with a light push on her lower back.

"Rosie, she's all yours,” Ang says to Rose. Ang turns and winks at Bella, then goes back out the door.

Bella stands rigid with her back up against the door, nervous, and wonders if Rose can hear her breathing loudly or the way her heart beats manically in her chest. Bella looks around the small, cluttered office and everywhere else but at Rose.

"Are you going to avoid looking at me all night or what?" Rose is the first to speak, breaking the deafening silence.

Bella finally turns her gaze to Rose, who wears an amused smile on her perfect mouth. Bella feels the smile slowly stretch across her own face and shakes her head. "No, I'm not. That would be hard to do; you're like a beacon in the room."

Bella can't be sure, but she thinks she sees a bit of a blush rise across Rose's sharp cheek bones and down her neck, into the collar of her shirt. She feels pride that she is the cause of that blush.

Rose stands from her chair and walks around to the front of her desk and leans against it. She folds her arms across her chest, "This isn't going to be weird Bella. I won't let it. What happened between us was great. Actually, it was fucking fantastic and I don't regret it for a second. To be honest, I haven't stopped thinking about you. Let's just have fun, okay? Can we do that?"

Bella is relieved and smiles widely at Rose. This is what she had fretted about for three full days and Rose laid it all out for the both of them without Bella even having to say anything. Bella wants to have fun, and she wants this job to work. She nods at Rose, "We can definitely do that, Rose."

Rose smiles, "Good. Okay, so I know that I said book work and computer shit, but would you mind learning the front too? Chances are you won't ever have to work up there, but just in case. You can say no, of course, but it could be kind of fun for you. Besides, it would teach you to loosen up a bit."

Bella thinks about that for a second. Can she bartend? Better yet, does she want to? Fuck yeah she does. "That would actually be kind of awesome, Rose. I'd love to."

"Kick ass, Cookie," Rose smirks.

"Cookie?" Bella asks. A pet name she thinks and shudders a little. Tyler had given her a pet name, but it was a terrible one that made no sense: Booba. Bella still has no idea where the fuck he came up with such a horrific name for her.

"Ang called you Cookie the Bookie when I told her you were going to start on here. It kind of stuck," Rose explains to Bella as she begins to clear a space around the computer where Bella can work. "She meant nothing by it, only as an endearment."

Bella chuckles. "It's okay." She pauses and looks around, "So, is it okay to pick things up in here, or is this, like, an organized mess or something?"

"HA-HA. No, you can clean, if you really want to. Actually, if you do, I will give you a lovely surprise." Rose replies back and then licks her lips at Bella. "Listen, I need to get up front for a few minutes. Just hop on the computer and see what you find. I left a list on the notepad beside the mouse of file names and passwords for you. I'll be back in twenty minutes or so."

Rose walks to the door and yanks it open, but before she walks through it, she stops and looks back at Bella. "A friend of mine is stopping by tonight. I want you to meet him, if you don't mind?"

Bella bites her lip, and Rose sees her hesitation, "He is a true friend of mine Bella, he doesn't judge."

Bella nods at Rose, "Okay, I trust you, like I said."

Rose smiles and walks through the door. She closes it behind her and leaves Bella to get acquainted with the computer and the programs she will be using.

Out in the club area, Rose hops behind the bar to help Ang out as the crowd begins to thicken. It is nothing like the crowds she sees Thursday through Saturday, but it is enough to keep her cousin busy and just barely on top of the next order.

"Need some help, Ang?" Rose asks as she immediately begins to replenish the bottles on display. She reaches into one of the cupboards that sits below the display and searches for another bottle of Cuervo. Rose hears a whistle behind her. God, she hates that. She finally locates the bottle and extracts her head from the cupboard. She doesn’t face the patrons yet as she places the bottle in its designated spot.

She hears a throat clear behind her. "Excuse me, Miss, but I couldn't help but notice your fine ass." The voice is deep and smooth, velvety.

Ignoring the jerk, she walks to the cooler and pulls out a bottle of beer and pops the top off. She walks back over to the voice, the man.

Rose sets the bottle down in front of the one man in her club tonight. "You know, you're damn lucky I love you Edward, if you had been any other motherfucker, male or female, I would have busted your head open!"

At this, the man, Edward, lets out a hearty laugh and shakes his head at Rose. "Always the charmer, Rosalie." A large smile breaks across his face, and Rose rolls her eyes at him.

"I turn it on just for you. The switch is in my panties." Rose smiles at him and moves off to take a couple of orders. After she helps Ang out for a bit, the crowd disperses, allowing Rose to fetch a beer for herself. She moves around to the other side of the bar and stands beside Edward.

"You're here a little earlier than usual, Edward. Plans fall through for today?" Rose asks, truly curious.

Edward has been Rose's good friend for many years. They tell each other everything, and it would be a lie if she said that they haven’t ever been together. In actuality, they are together quite frequently, but have somehow managed to never let it ruin their friendship. Edward had had a date set up for earlier in the day. That is a rule of his: always plan first dates in the afternoon. Good lighting is on your side and for the most part, it keeps you safe from getting groped. It also keeps the kisses from getting too heated when he doesn’t want them to. Not that Edward offers kisses very often, but that doesn’t mean that his dates don’t try to steal them from him anyway.

"Oh Christ. She was frightening, that one. I think she had recently gotten Botox or something, her lips were ridiculously fat and she had a hard time speaking around them. She couldn't have been more than twenty-four either. I spent most of the date either deciphering what she had said through her blow-job lips or attempting to contain my laughter and not piss myself. Truly terrifying, really." Edward shakes his head as he remembers his date with-as he now calls her-Luscious Lips Lauren. Luscious in that sense, is just not good, though.

"Awww. Poor Eddie." Rose ruffles his hair as he pinches her in the side and swats her ass. He is the only man Rose allows to do that to her.

"So when do I get to meet the girl, Rose?" Edward has heard all about this woman that had accidentally stumbled into Rose's club and had taken Rose home. After Rose had left the girl's place three days ago, she had immediately called Edward and unloaded the whole story on him. Truth be told, he has never heard her gush the way she had that day. Part of him is ecstatic for her, the other part, a little jealous. He has always tried so hard to help Rose get over her pleasure barrier with men and with women, too, for that matter. He thought he had been getting close, but it doesn’t matter now. This girl has knocked Rose's world off its axis and left her spiraling into God-knows-where.

Rose says something, breaking Edward from his inner musings, "I'm giving her some time to adjust in the back and get a feel for the programs. I'll go get her in a little while."

Rose and Edward continue to talk for a while about random topics. Sometimes about Bella but mostly not. They are oblivious to the newcomer that walks through the door and plants himself on a barstool four seats down from them.

He orders a beer and sits, watching the sexy blonde talk to the brown-haired guy. The blonde laughs at something the guy says, tipping her head back as she laughs. He feels his dick twitch.

He clears his throat and summons the petite bartender, "Can I get another?"

As he waits for his beer he looks around the establishment. All fucking chicks. Save for him and the brown-haired dude talking to the statuesque blonde...who is now staring at him. He nods his head in a hello and she turns her attention back to the dude. When the bartender finally comes back, he asks her, "Excuse me, but do you know if Bella is here?"

The bartender looks to the blonde and the blonde looks at him again, this time she pays him more attention.

"Rose?" The bartender addresses the blonde but still keeps her gaze on him.

The blonde moves from around the other guy and walks over to him. "What's your name? Bella didn't say she was expecting anyone." She flicks her long honey-hair over her shoulder.

The man swallows thickly and feels his dick twitch again, harder this time. "You can tell her Emmett is here." 'Rose' smirks at him and walks off, down a hall. Emmett looks over to the only other dude in the place, who stares at him, but nods a hello. Emmett takes a swig of his beer and turns back to face the liquor bottles in the bar display.

Down the hall, Rose raps once on the office door before she opens it and lets herself in. "How are things coming along, Bella?" Rose sits down in a chair across from Bella and crosses one leg over the other.

Bella notices Rose's long legs that are covered in skin-tight skinny jeans and end with black stilettos. When she reaches Rose's face, she sees the smirk the woman’s face holds, and she feels the blush rise up her neck. "You've got the wrong programs. Things could run so much smoother, and you could do so much more with the business and the books with other programs that I have used before. You should think about it."

Bella worries that maybe she has overstepped her boundaries after saying that. This isn’t her business, but it’s the truth and figures Rose will appreciate it.

"Write it down and I'll get it. Doesn't make sense to have crappy or antiquated systems. Thanks for the tip." Rose smiles and walks around to stand behind Bella. "There is someone asking for you at the bar, a big guy. Says his name is Emmett. You expecting anyone or should I kick him out?"

Bella jumps up out of the chair and nearly knocks Rose over in her excitement. "Shit, sorry, Rose. Don't kick him out, I'm expecting him. He's here a little early, though."

Bella hears Rose mumble something about a bad date and gets confused, but Rose shrugs her off. "You'll see soon enough. Come on out and talk to your friend, I have a friend here that I want you to meet, anyway."

Rose walks to the door and opens it. She looks back to see Bella pulling at her shirt and looking a little shy. "What's the matter, Cookie?"

Bella blushes once again, "I didn't know I'd be meeting anyone, or that I'd be out in the front area, I'm not really dressed for it." She feels self-conscious.

Rose shakes her head at Bella and puts a finger under her chin, pushing her face up so Bella will look her in the eyes. "What did I tell you? I said to dress in whatever makes you comfortable. If that is this..." Rose motions to Bella's outfit, "...then it's perfect."

Rose throws her arm around Bella's shoulders and pulls her through the door. The two women walk down the hall and emerge into the club area. Next to the bar, both men, Edward and Emmett, are staring at them. Lust swims in their eyes.

Rose drops her arm from Bella's shoulders and goes back over by Edward, while Bella walks toward Emmett. Bella wraps her arms around him and gives the large man a hug. "Thanks for coming, Em, it means a lot to me."

Emmett smiles at her, "Of course I came, you asked me to." He gives Bella a peck on the nose and looks in her eyes. "You gonna introduce me to your new boss?"

Bella smiles at him and turns toward Rose, "Rose, this is my good friend, Emmett. Emmett, this is Rose, my...erm...boss." She doesn’t really know what to say-boss, girlfriend, bi-sexual lover? Oh God. She has to lock her fingers together behind her back to keep from slapping herself in the forehead; it is such a weird situation.

Emmett stands up and offers his hand to Rose; she takes it and gives a strong shake. Emmett is impressed and even more turned on.

"Pleasure to meet you, Rose,” Emmett has his charm turned on full-scale and the needle is in the red.

"Likewise, Emmett," Rose may have batted her eyelashes at him, just a tad. She quickly drops Emmett's strong, warm grasp and turns toward Bella. "Bella, this is Edward. Edward, Bella...and Emmett." Rose motions between Bella and Emmett.

Edward stands to shake Emmett's hand first, as he is closer to him, then turns to Bella. He takes Bella's hand and something long, dead and forgotten in him stirs. He can’t explain it; it is like a hole in his chest that he never knew existed is suddenly filled, complete once again. He clears his throat, unsure of how long he has been holding the woman's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Bella."

A smile lights Bella's face, "It's very nice to meet you, too, Edward."

Rose watches the two of them and thinks that maybe she should be jealous of them, or angry. She has never seen that look on Edward's face, ever, but the more she sees it, the more she likes it there. That look belongs on his face, that look of almost...completeness. It confuses her, but she doesn’t say anything, she needs to study it.

"Why don't we grab a table?" Rose ushers the group over to a table and looks back at Ang. She puts her hand in the air and circles it, asking for a round. Rose turns back around and sits at the table in the last available seat between Emmett and Edward, and across from Bella. Perfect.

Rose has always been a watcher. Growing up, she had seen so much, too much. She had been burned by her first impressions of people and quickly learned that she couldn't dive into any kind of a relationship with a person until she truly knew them, whether for friendship or sex. Even then, once she thought she knew their ins and outs, Rose still felt the need to take precautions to protect herself. As a child, many times over she had made the mistake of trusting people too quickly. Rose's mother was of a promiscuous brand and often brought home new men; it was expected of Rose by her mother to automatically feel comfortable with “Uncle Marcus”, “Uncle Tommy” or “Uncle Jaime.” Rose made the mistake of trusting her so-called mother to take care of her and protect her, so Rose trusted the men that traipsed through her life like a parade. It was a mistake. It was her own mother where Rose went wrong to begin with; she should have been able to have faith in the woman that birthed her; a mother was supposed to love unconditionally and never harm or judge. Believing this, Rose gave her trust without question, which was the biggest mistake of her young life.

Rose already knows she can trust Bella, without a doubt, which for her is something entirely foreign. That first night when Bella had given herself so fully over to Rose, Rose knew she was special. Part of her was scared for Bella, that Bella trusted others so easily to be gentle with her and not harm her; Rose found herself wanting to protect Bella. Rose already cares for the woman a great deal, but what are they getting themselves into?

What Rose also notices as the group sits at the table talking is Edward, and the way he keeps sneaking peeks at Bella. Rose had a feeling that he would be attracted to Bella, but normally, Edward is the type to completely ignore looks. With Edward, looks mean nothing if a woman lacks brains and confidence...not that Bella lacks any of those. Actually, just the opposite, but Edward doesn’t know that. Something else that Rose is trying to figure out, is who the bear of a man that Bella invited to the club is. Could Bella and he possibly have a relationship? Or have they been together in the past? Rose finds it hard to say yes due to the massive difference in size between the two. Emmett is huge; it wouldn't take much for him to break Bella.

Rose is interrupted from her inner musings by Emmett asking her a question. "So, Rosalie, this is your place then?"

Emmett is genuinely intrigued with Rosalie; he has never seen a woman as gorgeous as her in all his life...and he means ALL his life. The second he walked into the all-female club he saw her with her golden hair and legs for days. The fact that she speaks mostly to the other guy, who is attractive in appearance, doesn’t matter to him one bit. The fact that Rosalie, or Rose as Bella and the other man are calling her, owns this place only makes her more interesting to him. Rose doesn’t look like the average all-female club owner...not that there is a type, but if he had seen her anywhere else, he never would’ve put her in this scenario. Emmett feels like things are going to get very interesting.

"Yes, Emmett, this is my place. I opened it about three years ago, and it has really taken off. I'm a bit slow Monday through Wednesday, but that is typical for dance-type clubs during the work-week. It tends to pick up on Thursdays, like any other bar." Rose takes a swig of her beer and sets it down on the table, offering Emmett her attention.

"If you don't mind me asking, why an all-female club? Are you a lesbian?" Emmett is never one to mince his words, and he doesn’t feel that he should start now.

Rose snorts, then looks over at Edward; all eyes are now on her, waiting to see her reaction. Normally, with anyone else she would’ve gotten pissed, but for some reason, with Emmett she finds it amusing. She begins to laugh and quickly takes another pull from her beer.

"Ah, no. I'm not a lesbian, per-se, Emmett, although I'm not exactly shy around the ladies either." Rose looks over at Bella, "Am I, Bella?"

Bella feels herself grow crimson as all eyes at the table fall on her. "Wow, I think it's time for another round!" Bella responds and quickly shoots out of her chair, walking off toward the bar to fetch another round.

"Shit. I shouldn't have done that. I'll be right back gentlemen." Rose excuses herself and quickly hurries off to the bar to do damage control. She didn’t think of how it would make Bella feel to be called out like that, especially in front of her friend who may or may not have known about Bella's “wild” side.

As Rose walks off, the men watch the two women walk away. Edward clears his throat, "So, that was quite the bomb that was dropped just now, wouldn't you say? Leave it to Rose, though." He shakes his head and chuckles.

"How so? I've only just met her and Bella hasn't told me anything about her...or what happened between the two of them, which is obviously something." Emmett wants more information, but just as Edward is about to say something, his jaw drops down to the floor. Emmett follows his dumbfounded gaze to the dance floor.

In the middle of the now crowded dance floor, Rose pulls Bella by the hand closer to her body. They both need to let off some of the steam that has been building between the two of them all evening. It is to be expected, considering what has happened between them, and then to have their closest friends here to witness it makes it all so much more real. Not that real is bad. Rose needs real, and Bella is very real. They aren’t exactly ready for it to be public, which it now is, but they will deal with it.

Out of nowhere, a finger taps Bella's shoulder. She turns her head to see Emmett standing just at her shoulder with an unfamiliar look in his eyes. "Mind if I cut in, ladies?" Emmett asks, looking between the two women. Bella looks back to Rose, smiles, and allows Emmett to take Rose's place on the dance floor. As they both begin to move to the music, Bella thinks she should say something, but what she should say, she has no idea.

"You know that I would never judge you. Don't you, Bella? I mean, I know your not full-fledged gay, because I've been with you, and you can't enjoy sex with a man that much and then just completely switch teams," Emmett pauses, waiting for Bella to say something. She doesn't. With a heavy sigh, Emmett continues, "So have you switched teams, or are you just sticking your toe in and testing the water? I gotta say, if you are going to switch for her..." Emmett motions over his shoulder toward the table, where Rose sits with Edward, chatting, "...then I don't blame you. She's hoooootttt!"

Bella pinches Emmett right on the nipple and he winces, "Mmmm, Baby, do that again."

Bella laughs and shakes her head at Emmett, "You are the same as always, Emmett. Such a ladies man...or a man whore. It's one of the two." Emmett smiles at her and waits for her to continue. "I honestly don't know how it happened, Em. I accidentally walked into this place. Really, I just needed to get drunk, forget myself for a little while, ya know? And then somehow, I ended up with Rose in my bed...and I liked it. No, I fucking loved it. But I'm just sampling from the tray. I know that I want to be with a man, it's just that, lately, my record with men hasn't been so swell." Bella looks up at Emmett, surprised at what she sees.

The smile that is plastered across Emmett's face makes his eyes shine, he chuckles, "That's fucking hot, Bella. Seriously. Can I watch? Please?"

Bella laughs and shoves Emmett's shoulder just as Rose re-appears next to them. "My turn again, big guy."

Emmett rolls his eyes and leans down to whisper in Bella's ear, "Please?" He turns, walks back to the table, and orders another beer.

Bella begins to sway with Rose and just lets the music and the beautiful woman in front of her lead the way. She has so many things racing through her mind, fighting for attention. She cares for Rose, is attracted to her, but she isn’t sure if she wants Emmett to see it and know of it. And then there is Edward. Something in her sparked when she first saw and spoke to him. It scares her to death because he is Rose's friend, and she doesn’t know what kind of relationship Rose and he have. What if it is actually kind of serious? Bella can’t begin to think about what it would do to Rose if she wants Edward. It is all so confusing. She doesn’t know what to say to Rose, so she says nothing. She just dances.

Rose lifts her hand and tucks a strand of Bella's long hair behind her ear. "I'm going to kiss you Bella. I'm going to kiss you in front of Emmett and in front of Edward and in front of all of these other women. Trust me, okay?" Rose looks at Bella, stares straight into her eyes and wordlessly begs for her trust.

Bella looks over at the table where their two male admirers sit, their mouths agape. Bella giggles and looks back at Rose; she reaches her hand up to the back of Rose's head and pulls her head down. Bella kisses those sexy, pouty lips in front of all who care to see. She kisses Rose with the passion she has felt for her since that first night, along with the confusion that plagues her. Bella kisses. She just kisses, and Rose kisses her back with as much fervor.

The two women break away from each other, panting from their long and sensual kiss. Rose leans her forehead against Bella's as they continue to sway and grind against each other a bit. When the song ends, they both walk back to the table with their hands linked together.

Rose and Bella approach the men, who both sit with their legs crossed and with looks of lust in their eyes. If anyone dares to look at their crotches, they will see massive bulges to show how turned on they are.

Rose smiles and asks, "So, you guys want to go to my place?"

Then men stand so fast they knock their chairs over. At once, both Emmett and Edward reply, "Let's go!"

The four-some leave the bar and decide to walk the six blocks to Rose's place. Edward and Emmett walk ahead of Rose and Bella, chatting and getting to know each other. Rose and Bella keep back a bit, remaining silent for most of the walk. Rose finally breaks their silence, "So, did you tell Emmett?"

Bella doesn't respond right away, but as they walk under a street lamp, Rose gets a good look at Bella's face and sees the devious smile there. Bella looks up from the sidewalk and glances at Rose, "Yeah, and he wants to watch."
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