In The Deepest Space - Chapter 6: About Freaking Time
In The Deepest Space

Chapter 6:  About Freaking Time


Mexxsssssh - Shit

ccccccicatricccccce (cicatrice) - an actual word; another name for a scar

Bella's POV ~ 

I stand before the silver door, ready to burst through it but scared to at the same time.  He is on the other side of that door, and I don’t even know what I will begin to say to him.  What should I say?  What will he say?

I take a deep breath and resolve myself to the fact that this is a first for both of us.  I mean, he is a fucking alien for crying out loud, and well, I’m an alien to him, too.  This is new and bizarre territory, and neither of us really know how it is going to go.

Taking one more deep breath and mustering any bit of confidence I have in me, I move my hand over to the door panel and wave it in front of the “announcement” sensor.  I look ahead for a second as I wait for the door to open, but it doesn’t.  Now, I feel nervous.  I look down at my feet and feel like I’ve been standing here a while.  A little seed of rejection begins to sink in, and I decide that maybe this has all just been in my head.  Maybe, he doesn’t want me at all and maybe it was just some fucking cracked out dream.

The door slides open.  I have to coax myself into lifting my head up to look at him.  There.  Are.  No.  Words.

Edwaird appears to have just gotten out of the shower.  He has a towel slung over his shoulder (looking very human, by the way), and his hair is wet, making it appear darker.  He is wearing what appears to be lounging clothes with no shoes and no socks.  Finally, I get the nerve to look him in the eyes, and when I do, the only way I can explain his expression is that he looks like he wants to consume me.

My tummy twists in nervousness and, if I’m honest, a little bit of lust.  Okay, a lot of fucking lust.  Edwaird steps to the side to let me walk in.  The door slides shut, and he waves his hand over the locking sensor, insuring that we’ll have privacy.  There is some kind of music that is playing softly, but I see neither the speakers or any kind of stereo. The only word I can find to describe the music is sensual.  Both male and female sounding voices chant this “Ahn-huu-eeeen” sound and are accompanied by a variety of string instruments.  I have no idea what they are; I’ve never heard anything like it.  

The music soothes me a little bit, and while I’m still nervous, I’m not quite as nervous as I was when I was still staring at Edwaird’s silver door.  Edwaird is over by a little pop-out mini-bar looking thing and pours something into a glass.  It looks like milk and is tinged pink.  I think I may throw up in my mouth a little at the thought of him drinking the Ssssoom jizz that I bathed in.  He turns around holding two glasses and must notice the look on my face, because he cocks his head to the side a little.

“If that is the ‘seed of the Sssoom,’ I can’t drink that,” I advise him, nervously.

He chuckles, but it vibrates in his chest a little, almost like he growls a little bit.  I think I get a little wet from it.  Well hell, okay, a lot wet from it.  Edwaird’s nostrils flare, and I feel my face growing crimson, remembering that he can probably smell my arousal, or taste it on my skin with his freaky ear hole receptors or something.

“Not the ssseed of the Ssssoom, Bell-a.  Chobb expression.  Or meelk.  The Chobb growsss in the wild, will prepare your ssshell for what issss next,” Edwaird explains.  Now, I have to be honest and say that I had found Carlisss’ voice to be sexy, but kill me fucking now.  This man, my man, will forever be able to get whatever he wants from me for the rest of our lives just by speaking.

His voice is smooth, like honey dripping raw from the comb, like an invisible ribbon inside of my ribs weaving in and out, holding me together.  It is deep, but not incredibly deep.  Smooth, and still, there is a bit of that rumble, that growl that is able to turn me on in an instant.

Edwaird walks back over to me and holds one of the glasses out, waiting for me to accept it.  His eyes never leave mine, and he waits, expectantly.  I don’t want to be rude so I accept the glass from him.  I lift it to my nose and sniff at the liquid.  It smells sweet, almost like baked apple pie, but than again, not really.  I decide to give it a try because if it smells that good, it can’t taste too horrible...right?  God, I hope.

Just as I’m about to tip the glass to my lips, Edwaird reaches out and places his hand over the rim of the glass.  I stop myself, and he moves my hand with the glass away from my mouth.  He steps closer to me, leaving only one foot between our bodies, and he raises his glass up to my lips.  I watch his eyes as he slowly begins to tip the rim of the glass, and finally, I open my mouth when I feel the room temperature liquid.  Still watching him, I taste the sweet concoction.  

It has a buttery texture, and as it hits all of the taste buds in my mouth, I feel different things happening in my body.  Overall, I notice that I am growing warmer, and I feel like a live wire.  I feel vivid and alight.  Edwaird pulls the glass away and sets it on the table beside us.  His eyes never leave mine, nor mine his.  He then lifts his finger up to my mouth and wipes away the mustache the liquid has left behind on my upper lip.  When he has wiped it all away, he raises his finger to his mouth and sucks the liquid from it, and I think I feel my knees go weak...a lot.

As I pick my glass back up from the table, he kneels down in front of me, realizing I won’t be able to reach to tip the glass to his mouth.  When he kneels before me, I bring the glass to his mouth and slowly tip it.  His eyes stay on mine, and I have to look away at the glass to see how much is left, then pull the glass away.

Something about both of us having consumed this drink and the fact that we offered it to each other feels so significant.  I’m not sure why it should, but it does.  Edwaird begins to stand up, but I put my hand on his shoulder and quickly lower myself down to my knees directly in front of him.

Bell-a,” he whispers my name, making it sound like a plea.

I lean closer to him and take his head in my hands to pull him down to my level.  Then, I turn his head a little, and in his ear, I murmur his name, “Edwaird.”

He shivers a little and, so quickly that I barely realize it, turns to me.  Our lips come together, aligning perfectly, and I feel my lips begin to tingle.  I guide his head to one side a little with my hands and slide my tongue out to taste his lips.  He moans against me and opens his mouth to my attentions.  His breath is sweet from the drink, but there is something more to it than that.  I can’t explain how he tastes, but I know it should be illegal, the way he tastes.  I wonder if we will ever be able to leave this room, because I may never stop touching him, kissing him, loving him.

There’s that word again.

A whimper escapes me, and Edwaird instantly stands us up.  He backs me up against the wall and pins me there, pushing his body up against mine, and I can feel all of him.  All.  Of.  Him.

And God is goooood.

I whimper into his mouth and push my body against him a little harder.  He kisses me with passion, and soon, I have to pull away, panting and out of breath.  He trails kisses down my neck, then stops, turning my head to the side a little.  He is again searching for the holes that I don’t have.  When he turns my face back to his, he doesn’t have the same confused expression he did the first time; this one, it is more like resolved acceptance.

“Exquissssite, Bell-a,” he says quietly as he leans in to kiss me again.

His lips meet mine and touch gently; as his tongue slips out to meet mine, the ship shudders, and I sway on my feet.  Edwaird captures me, steadying me, then looks at me with almost with an almost devious grin.  One side of his mouth twitches up crookedly, and he winks at me.

The ship shudders once more, more gently than the last time, and Edwaird takes a step away from me.  As I watch him, wondering why he has moved away from me, he slowly begins to rise up off of the floor.  I open my mouth to tell him something is wrong, but then I notice that I’m moving, and it is not of my own doing.

“What’s going on?” I ask in a slightly panicked tone.


He is near the wall now, and when he is able to reach it, he pushes off of it, gliding through the air towards me.  He grabs onto me when he is close enough to reach my body.  I’m guessing quarantine means that we have contacted the Beacon and are getting ready to get off of the ship.  This loss of gravity is a fun surprise.

Edwaird slowly twirls me around in the air, and I laugh out loud, unable to contain my giddiness.  He smiles at me and pulls me to him, holding the back of my head and staring deeply into my eyes.

I could swim in his eyes, the color of the rarest emerald ever mined.  His finger sweeps behind my ear, where, if I were his kind, my holes would be, and I shiver at his touch.  Something in me tightens from the contact behind my ears which seems kind of odd, but really, there is nothing normal about any of this.

I grab onto his shirt and pull him closer to me, and our mouths come together once again.  So as not to lose him with our weightlessness, I wrap my legs around his waist, locking them behind his back.  I feel his arousal, and I’m relieved that it feels the same way a human male’s would.

He attacks my mouth then, and we kiss until my lips hurt.  I can’t get enough of his taste, and when I can no longer breathe, I pull away and tug at the bottom of his shirt.  He moves far enough away from me to allow me to pull it up.  He raises his arms, and with my weightlessness, he lifts me up by my hips a little so that I can pull the shirt all the way off.  I let it go, and it floats toward the middle of the room.  

I take several long moments to ogle his chest.  He is slightly built but has a more languid frame than I expect.  His chest is smooth, and he has defined pectorals and abs but still not like body builder ripped or anything.  Across the top of his pecs, where his heart is, there is spattering of golden freckles, and a lump builds in my throat.  They are familiar to me.  What does that mean?  He allows me time to look at him, and finally, I bend my head to his chest and kiss the freckles.

When I look back up at his face, there is something there in his eyes that I can’t quiet explain.  While there is definitely a look of hunger there, there is something else as well.  I dare not say love, because I could never hope that he could feel that for me so soon, but it could be very close to it.

I lightly trace the pattern of the freckles with my finger and begin to trail it up Edwaird’s body, over his collarbones, up the column of his neck, to the lobe of his ear, and finally behind and over his ear holes.

“What are these called? I ask in a whisper.

He swallows thickly before answering me in a deep voice, “Flain.”

“Flain,” I whisper as I trace around the holes, then dip my finger around the groove that curves the shell of his ear.

Bell-a,” he groans out my name, and it makes me grow wetter.

“Does that feel good, Edwaird?”  I purr.

“The mossssst erogenoussss zzzzone we have, Bell-a.  Your torture pleassssuressss me.  I need you mossssst urgently.”

He doesn’t have to tell me twice!  

I tighten my legs around his waist once again and feel his erection press against my clothed pussy.  I need him, but I don’t want to rush this.  Shit, I don’t even know if our parts work the same.  For a second, I think that maybe I should worry about this, then decide that if we are able to bond in this way, it has to work.  It’s like animals in the wild, they don’t do it if they aren’t compatible.

Do it.  Now I’m a fourteen year old pubescent boy.  Stop it Bella, sexy Alien sexin you up.

Edwaird kisses my neck and tries to go lower, but I’m still wearing my shirt which gives him a little trouble.  I lift his face away for a second and pull my shirt over my head.  Edwaird gasps when I’m revealed to him.  Yeah, that’s another thing here.  No bras.  They took mine away when they took my other, tattered clothes.

Not only does Edwaird get an up close and personal look at the girls, but he also sees my own little spackling of freckles across my chest that splay over my heart.  Yes.  It would seem we have very, very similar birthmarks.  Edwaird doesn’t even stare at my tits, but my birthmark instead.  After he brushes his fingers over them several times, he looks up at my face and into my eyes.

“Desssstined duo,” he announces, but his voice seems to have a bit of a question in it too.  

I’m just as surprised by all of this is, but I don’t know what destined duo means.  Edwaird leans down and returns with a kiss to my chest.  Then he begins to lick and nibble at my skin, and it is all I can do not to moan.  It feels so good, and I decide I shouldn’t hold it in.  I need to let him know exactly how good he feels to me.

His mouth latches onto my nipple and gently sucks, and I practically scream out his name.  Jesus God, his mouth is fucking magical.  He tickles me with his tongue, making trails across my chest and over to my other nipple, but returns to the left one.  He seems to favor that one, until he begins to lick and nibble down my torso.  

He comes to the pants that I’m still wearing and gently tugs them down my legs.  He quickly pulls them off of me and sets them free into the room, floating.

He moves to go back toward my stomach but I stop him.  “Yours too.  Take them off.”

He grins at me then unties his pants and pushes them off his waist and underneath his feet, where the legs twist around, doing a dance of their own in the floating room.  Edwaird’s mouth resumes it’s licking, tasting, and nibbling of my skin once again, but I need him closer to me.  I need to feel him against me.

I grab his arms and twist us a little.  We float out into the middle of the room unintentionally, but it works because our momentum causes his back to hit the far wall.  I collide into him, and this time, I can feel his rigid erection so much more, since I only have my boycut panties on and he his weird undergarment.  He gasps at the sensation,  and I attack his mouth once more, needing him now more than ever.  I grip his hair tightly, and our tongues dance.  His breath is my breath, and I whimper into his mouth.  He groans loudly, and I rub up against his cock, desperate to get the friction I need.

He groans louder and moves his hand down to the top of my panties.  He looks in my eyes, and I smile to let him know that I want it too.  He pulls them down, and I hook my fingers into the waistband of his underwear.  Rather than waiting for his permission, I pull them down quickly.

Phew, looks the same as a human male’s cock, but big.  Damn big.  Yum.

“Oh, God,” I mumble as we both take in the view.

I put one of my hands on his chest and the other around his neck, holding him close to me.  While I keep the one hand on his neck, I trail the other hand down his torso until I feel his hip, then the wiry hair of his happy patch.  Edwaird sucks in a breath, and I trace the head of his cock with my finger.  

He growls loudly, and I think I could almost orgasm at just that sound.  I palm the rest of him then and squeeze him gently in my hand.  He loses control then and flips us around so that I am now against the wall.  His fingers go between my legs as he kisses and sucks at my neck.  I feel his fingers on my thigh, so close, but not yet where I need them.  I feel him trace over the rectangular scar on the inside of my thigh a few times, then finally, his fingers graze the Promised-land.

He removes his mouth from my neck and looks at me.  We watch each others faces as he pushes a finger inside of me, and it is all I can do to keep eye contact with him because my eyes desperately want to roll back into their sockets.  I moan loudly, and he adds another finger and plunges deeper into me; I buck against his hand but, it isn’t enough.

“You.  Please, just you, Edwaird,” I beg him.

He leans in and lightly kisses my lips as he pulls his fingers from me.  I feel him take hold of his own dick, then feel the head of it at my entrance.

He pauses there, looking me in the eye, and says, “Misssst, mated pair.  Bell-a isss mine.”  Then, he plunges into me.

Holy fucking rainbows!  I scream at the force and pleasure.  It stings a little, but as he begins to move slowly in me, the slight pain subsides.  He slides in, then most of the way out, and back in.  Our mouths find each other once again, and I want to crawl inside of him forever.  I want him to take up residence inside of me and never ever leave.

He works me over, and I kiss his neck and trace the shell of his ear because that really affects him.  I play with his cute nipples, and he pumps into me.  I never want to stop, but his cock is magical.  Soon, I begin to feel my tummy tighten

Edwaird is groaning loudly and whispering my name over and over again.  Fuck, I am so in love with him, and whatever it is I can do for him, I will do it.  And so help me God, if any woman ever looks at him the wrong way, I will rip her fucking head off.  He is mine and mine only.

Edwaird speeds up his thrusting, and I think he is getting closer.  I look up at his face and notice that I can see a whitish-blue halo of light around his head.  All of a sudden, I begin to feel really heavy inside, like all of me is ready to burst, erupt, and I’m not sure what will be left of me.  He pumps and pumps and pumps, and fuck he feels so fucking good inside of me.  He grabs my leg and hitches it higher around his waist and pumps forcefully into me.  I scream, tumbling into sweet, blissful, orgasmic oblivion.  He pumps one more time and roars out his pleasure, continuing to pump through his orgasm until we both slump a little.

As we both try to catch our breath, Edwaird pulls me to him, holding me to his chest and running his finger around the shell of my ear.  It tingles and actually makes me a slightly horny again.  How the fuck is that possible?  Everything about this place makes everything so raw.  All of my senses are so heightened, and it is both refreshing and tiring.

I think about the alien/man that holds me to him ,and I can’t deny that I feel a sense of wholeness, completeness.  The phrase “you complete me” runs through my head, and I roll my eyes at the tackiness of my own thoughts.  Freaking cheesy movie lines.  “You had me at hello.”  Yes, he certainly did, although I’m pretty sure there was no “hello” involved.  Maybe a growl.  Yeah, I think there was a growl, and arm smelling.  That’s my man.

So suddenly we don’t have time to prepare ourselves for it, we lose the non-gravity.  There is a loud clicking sound, and we fall a couple of feet to the floor.  I am mostly cushioned by Edwaird, but he grunts as he meets the floor.  I quickly scramble out of his lap and whip around, crouching down in front of him to make sure he is still in one piece.

“Mexxsssssh!” he explains, and again, I have no idea what it means.

“Are you okay?” I wave my hands in front of his face frantically and pull it up to look at me so that I can see his eyes.  We fell quite far.

He quickly stands up from the floor and pulls me to him, checking my body over to make sure that I’m alright.  He lifts a hand and brushes it over my freckles, then leans down to kiss me there.  It makes me a little breathless, and I could totally go for round two, but he pulls away.

“It isssss the time of our arrival, Bell-a.  We musssst return to our garmentssssss,” he says but makes no move to leave.

He leans in and kisses me on the lips.  Sweet, soft, and filled with passion.  I think my knees could buckle, but he pulls away, then crouches down, now pussy-level.  He grabs hold of my left leg and turns my knee out a little, running his finger over my rectangular scar.

“You mussssst educate me on the origin of thisssss ssssskin ccccccicatricccccce,  Bell-a.”  Edwaird stands back up and moves over to a built-in wall cabinet, pulling various articles of clothing out of it.

He offers me a clean shirt, and I slide it on.  The shirt that I’d worn into the room was more fitted and offered a little more support for the girls, but it must have gotten a little wet from the drinks we’d sipped at earlier when we lost gravity.  My pants are still dry, and I quickly slip them on just as Edwaird is pulling his own pants into place.

We are both fully dressed, and Edwaird grabs a bag from the floor, then makes his way over to me.  He grabs my hand and waves his own over the door sensor, opening it, and we begin to walk toward the control room.  To my surprise, we don’t go into the control room, instead we go to the huge docking room where we’d landed when I first arrived...who knows how long ago.

All of the others are there, and they notice us right away.  The females all run over to me immediately, hugging me and murmuring things too quickly for me to hear and too slurred to understand anyway.  Edwaird reluctantly lets go of my hand and walks over toward the men.

It’s odd.  I think about how protective I had been with Edwaird earlier when Ah-lisss was around and how I almost wanted to rip her throat out, but now, I feel nothing like that.  I feel no threats at all, only the weird tether I feel between Edwaird and I.  Every time he moves further away from me, it’s like I feel like I need to move too, to never be too far away from him.  I hope that the feeling will eventually subside because I get a little panicky when he steps onto a small pod and out of my sight.

The females seem to notice my anxiety and quickly pull me to the pod and allow me to climb in first.  This pod is a little larger than the one I rode in when they found me and we all have a seat in the oval compartment.  Emmeet is at the front, flying the pod with Roe-salie at his side.  The rest of the group talks but my attention is focused on my feet, or should I say what is below my feet.  

The bottom of the compartment that we are in is made of clear glass or something like it and as Emmeett maneuvers the pod out of the larger ship, I can see the planet below us as we lift up into the air.  We don’t fly all that high, but it is high enough for me to be able to see a small part of the city before we pull away from it.  I don’t understand why we aren’t going to their home, but my concentration is pulled from that as I see people walking around down below us.  There are small hut-like treehouses that are settled in trees and on stilts alongside a small river.  

I point to them and ask Edwaird who they are.  “Do they live in the wilderness?  Who are they?”

“No-maads.  They rebuke ssssociety and the direction of the Queen.  They musssst not enter the ccccity.  Their failure to bow to the Queen affordsssss them immediate ending,” Edwaird explains to me.

I swallow thickly, wondering how I will be received in all of this and if I will be soon receiving my immediate ending.  Anxiety begins to build in me once again, and Edwaird quickly wraps his arm around me, pulling me closer to him.  Esssssme watches us and gives me a small “smile” when she notices that I have seen her.  I give her a weak, pathetic smile in return, then look back to the foreign planet beneath me.

After maybe fifteen minutes, the pod begins to descend.  Something slides over the glass beneath our feet, blocking the view below.  We land gently, and everyone immediately stands up, beginning to grab the various items they’ve brought.  After we are all settled, Essssme and Carlissss make the move to leave the ship first.  Essssme gives me one more brief glance then exits.  I see that Roe-salie and Emmeet exit next, then Jassspeer steps out.  Ah-lissss turns to me and quickly gives me a hug, then Edwaird.  They share a meaningful look that I don’t understand, but feel this weird emotion, like resolve, inside of me.  I don’t have any idea why, but then remember my new bond with Edwaird.

What is he “resolved” about?  And Ah-lissss?

Ah-lissss quickly turns away, bouncing out of the ship and toward her mate.  Edwaird turns to me, pulling me close, and I look up at him.  He looks nervous, scared, but also content.  I know he is happy to have me here, I can feel it in my body and in this weird link we have, but I really want to know why he is nervous and scared.  

He grazes the place on my chest where my freckles are again, and I will need to determine why he is so fascinated with that.  Yes, he has a similar patch, but the are just freckles.  Edwaird leans in and gives me a gentle kiss, then turns and pulls us out through the hatch.  

He laughs at the surprise on my face from what I see before us.

what I was expecting. 
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