In The Deepest Space - Chapter 14: Worship the Bean
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Worship the Bean


furth – four

Bella’s POV ~

True to word, two days later, my family and I, with The Oracle in tow, are on our way into the city by way of our small pod.  Emmeet flies us lower to street level than up in the sky so that we won’t be easily spotted by any of the Queen’s Guard.  The Oracle sits between Essssme and myself and as we near the outer city limits, her open hand begins to shake.  I do the only thing I know to do to help calm her, I take her hand between my two and hold it.

She makes a little grunting noise, but does not pull away.  She reminds me of my Nana:  feisty and steadfast, yet gentle.  Ever so gentle.

We don’t fly up to the city house, instead, Emmeet parks the pod a ways off from it so that we can transfer to an odd looking vehicle that one of their friends is driving.  We quickly unload the possessions we brought with us that we will need for the battle and to get Sssislans on our side, then all get in the vehicle.  

The man that drives us, Demeetihr, is a hulk of a man and I’m thankful that he is on our side.  He takes bumpy roads and we drive for about ten minutes, then pull up to a small garage-looking building.  As discreetly as possible, we all flee the vehicle and rush into a side door that Demeetihr holds open for us.  The Oracle is still clinging to me and I move slowly, helping her move as quickly as we can.  With one arm wrapped around her waist and the other holding onto her bony hand, we hobble along as she maintains a death grip on her cane with her free hand.  Everyone else carries our meager supplies that we’ve brought from the country home.

Very quickly, we are all congregated in the small building, and it appears to be exactly as it looked on the outside, but I am so wrong.  Carlisss walks over to the far northern wall and opens up what looks like an electrical box panel.  He opens the cover via an eye scan and there are several buttons with lights behind it.  He drags his finger across one of the buttons much like I would on my phone to unlock it, and in the middle of the room, a panel slides open in the floor.  A set of stairs unfolds before my eyes and everyone begins to descend.  I wait along with The Oracle until everyone else has gone because it will take us a bit longer.  Both Emmeet and Carlisss have tried to take her hands from me several times, but she wants nothing to do with them -- she is glued to me.  When Carlisss attempted to help her earlier, she slapped his hands away.  Carlisss simply laughed and walked away.

When we are all at the bottom of the stairs, I see that there is a long corridor that is lit with more red lights similar to the ones on the large ship.  We all begin to move toward an end that I cannot see, since The Oracle and I are at the tail of the group, taking our time.  We move slowly and from the corner of my eye, I can see her look at me quizzically several times.  I finally stop us and turn to her.

“Is something wrong?” I ask.

Without using her eyeball cane, she looks at me, then raises her hand up to my face and cups my cheek with it.  Her eyes begin to glisten with tears and she quickly looks away from me.

The Oracle pulls on my arm, moving us forward again, and we begin to walk.  After a minute, she suddenly speaks, “It issssss mosssst difficulllt for me to be here in thisssss placce again, young Princesssss.  My family met their final deathsss in the mosssst gruessssome of wayssss and it wassss my fault.  My fault that the Queen oppossssed the newsssss I gave to her.  Do you know what that newwssss wassss?”

I shake my head no, unable to open my mouth and speak the word.

“I foretold her ending reign, and the possssibility of her final death.  We are leading up to it now, but it issss not in the way that I thought.  Thingssss will be different, ssssimply becaussssse it issss your decissssion to make.  I know the outcome of both of your choicessss, but I cannot interfere.  Thissss isss your path.  There will be consequencessss to both ssssides and only you are able to make the final deccccisssssion.”

She stops us again, and this time, she does bring her cane up to look me in the eye.  I can feel it in the creepy eye atop the cane that it is trying to see into me, trying to make me see that I need to not only listen to what she is going to tell me next, but to also feel it, to know it and grasp it.

“I am mossssst ssssorrowful, my Sssisssssook Princessss.  Livessss will be losssst.”

With that, she lets go of my hand and begins to walk ahead of me, and without my aid.  I’m left standing here alone and dumbfounded for a couple of minutes, my mind swirling in thought and trying to decipher her meaning.  Lives will be lost, which, with this kind of a battle, I can only assume, but she wouldn’t say that to me unless lives of those close to me are going to be lost.  

Panic and bile gurgle in my throat and instantly, Edwaird is at my side, gripping me close to him.

“What issss wrong, my Bell-a?”

Unable to look in his eyes and lie to him, I look to the floor and shake my head.  He moves us forward once again.


After two days in the city, we’ve held several meetings with first, close friends of my family, and then after the word spread, many people who simply want to see the Queen gone.  The first meeting is chaotic and stressful.  Many of the Sislans are skeptical of me, disbelieving of who I am and the bloodline that flows through me, but with The Oracle standing at my side, no one doubts me again.

The Oracle tells them that I am the key to their happiness, their children’s happiness, and all of the future generations beyond that.  Everyone listens to her, riveted and afraid to miss a word.  Many of them have never met The Oracle, only heard of her and some even believing her to be a myth.  They believe that no more.

When she is done speaking, we let the people ask questions, and boy, are there questions.  People want to know if they can fight, if they can not fight, if there will be deaths, and will we kill the Queen.  Chaos breaks out in the room when the question is asked.  You can tell that the people are nervous about anarchy and even more nervous that the Queen may have a nark in the room.  Esssme steps forward at this point and calms the room down.  She assures everyone in attendance that they are all safe from each other, and that only trusted friends have been invited to the first meeting.  

People continue to talk while in the back of the room, Roe-salie and I begin to formulate a plan.  I find it odd that the men do not make any decisions in what we plan, but they do however, inform us of strategy ideas.  Jasssspeer is especially helpful in this aspect, as before his home planet had been blown up and before he had met Ah-lissss, he had been his home planet’s top war coordinator.  He says it was different coming to Sisla at first, because the males took such a back seat in war, but it was a welcome change for him after everything he had gone through.

The people stay and talk for hours.  Roe-salie divulges the main parts of our plan to them and they begin to pipe in their ideas, mostly women, but some men, too.  I find it funny, but at the same time, so incredibly weird.  

The ideas they offer are very good ones.  There are some odd ones too, but overall, helpful, and the scene of the fight begins to develop and play out in my mind.

At the end of the meeting Essssme stands and motions for me to go to her, and I do.  

“Would any ssssoul assssk a quesssstion to your future Queen?” Esssme asks.

I’m taken aback by her words, never once thinking about the outcome of the fight and what it would mean for me - at least, not in that way.  At the thought, a lump of anxiety takes up residence in my throat.  I’m positive that if someone had asks me a question, I won’t be able to answer it.

Somehow, nobody asks me anything.  The rest of the meeting passes by me in a haze as I plan strategy and worry about how I’m going to do this.  Before I’m aware of it, the room has cleared out and I’m yawning as Edwaird pulls me from the small room that is connected to the city house by the underground tunnel we had taken to get here just days ago.

On the way back up to the house, Essssme slows down to walk with Edwaird and me.

Bell-a, I have informed all sssoulsss that recccceived the telegram we ssssent to desssstroy them.  Sssshould the Queeen ssssomehow get her clawssss on one, sssshe would not only sssee our plansss, but alssso sssee that you did not meet your final death assss sssshe deemed.”

“Good thinking, and thank you, Esssme.”

She nods at me, touches me on the cheek, then catches back up to Carlisss.

Edwaird wraps his arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer to him, and we continue on our path toward the house in silence.


At the end of the week, we have a following --like a huge following and so much support.  Our preparations are no longer words and thoughts, but are now actions that are beginning to be carried out.  Weapons are secretly being forged, and from what I understand, there will be a special weapon for me alone.  I don’t exactly understand why, but The Oracle requested -- no -- ordered it.  If she says I should carry it, then I trust her.

I’ve been watching Emmeet.  He has grown in size in the short week we’ve been here and he paces around almost constantly.  I worry that he is coming close to the end of his term internal giggle and wonder what that will mean for our upcoming fight.  I hope that he can hold out long enough to ditch the Queen somewhere where she will never be seen or heard from ever again.

I seek him out, finding him in the kitchen, to see how he is feeling.

His back is to me, with his head stuck in the refrigeration compartment as he searches for something.  I lightly touch him on the shoulder, hoping not to startle him.

He jolts a little and a small squeak comes out of him.  I should have waited for him to extract himself from the fridge before I announced my presence.

“Oh.  Bell-a!  I am mosssst ssssurprisssed at your pressssenccce.  Poachissss?” He asks, waving what looks like a pickle, except yellow in color, in my face.  I smile and pluck the food from his fingers and he turns back to get another for himself.

“Thank you, Emmeet.  I came to inquire of your health, and of the baby’s.” I tell him after he’s turned back around.  I point at his little, errr, large, fanny pack baby holder-slash-out of body womb in explanation.

I have to try my hardest not to giggle.  I haven’t had many conversations with Emmeet and have not had many discussions about his pregnancy, but now that it is a conversation on the tip of my tongue, my brain begins coming up with ridiculous jokes and innuendos and I cannot stop myself from wondering what his delivery is going to be like.

“The cccchild growssss large.  My body ssssuffersss, but it issss mossst worth it,” he answers, then takes a huge bite out of his pickle, I mean “poachisss.”

“So.  Um, can you tell me how it happens?  When the baby is born, what will happen?  Or is that too personal for me to ask?  Too private?” Ugh, word vomit.  Somebody stop me.

“At the time of life emergencccce, it will begin to dry up...” he says, pointing to his baby pack, “thisss will causssse disssstressss to my sssshell, and I musssst ssstay in a relaxation sssstate at that time.  Roe-ssssalie musssst cut the child out of me, cue vomiting, at the right moment.  When that occurssss, the carrier,” he points at his bump again, “it will totally dry, sssshrink, then fall off,” he explains.

“Okay, so, this is kind of personal, but who feeds it?  And how?”  He sees the confusion on my face and smiles at me.

What he tells me next makes me turn green, and I may even throw up a little bit swallow, Bella:

“The carrier ssshrivels.  It issss called  ‘the bean’  and weighsss very little.  Roe-sssalie will immediately crussssh it to fine powder, then conssssume it.  Thissss will allow her to bear susssstenance for our ccchild.”

Oh, sweet angels in heaven; please don’t let me puke all over the place.  I take several deep breaths.



Kidney beans.


Okay, so that’s pretty cool that they use the symbology to kind of worship the..ugh...that’s so nasty, but yeah.  Worship the bean.

I giggle and Emmeet looks at me quizzically.

“Worship the bean,” I say, pointing at one of the bar chairs that has a back shaped like a kidney bean.

He looks at it, then back to me.  A laugh erupts from him then, but, because this place is so different and Emmeet is pregnant, it is a laugh that I would expect out of a teenage girl going through puberty.  Emmeet laughs so hard that he pees himself a little, and I know this, because he abruptly stops laughing and looks down.  He sighs, then forlornly says, “pipee.”  It’s like somebody killed his dog.

He wanders out of the kitchen, probably to pee and change his pants, and I chuckle as I walk off to find Esssme.


“The preparationsssss to confront the Queen are mosssstly complete, Bell-a.  On the nexxxxt risssse of the ssssun, your training will begin.  There issss not much time for you to train, assss the Queen’sss health will begin to deteriorate, and sssshe will undersssstand that sssomething issss amisssss.  Training will lasssst furth sunnsssss long.  You will require much resssst and nutrient intake.”

I nod, “I understand that.  But, Esssme?  Do you think I’m going to do okay?  I mean, I’ve never used a weapon.  I don’t know how to fight, and, well, what if the Queen kills me, or has someone else kill me?”

I gnaw on my lip in nervousness as I watch her walk around the strategy room in the city home, pulling up images of the Queen’s ominous castle and pinpointing entry and exit points.  She makes notes on a glass computer screen that she holds on her arm but she stops and looks at me.  She sets the handheld device down and walks over to me, standing in front of me and looking in my eyes.

She cups one side of my face in her and, and says, “Bell-a, my daugh-ter.  I have mosssst faith that you will remain out of harm.  Do not fear, for we will protect you...and Edwaird.  The time hasssss come for her end...and your beginning.”  She leans in and kisses me on the forehead, then goes back to the screens.

I watch her for a few moments then leave the room.  Her mention of protecting not only me, but Edwaird, too, really makes me worried, because if he needs protecting, that means she believes he will be pinpointed in being killed in all of this.  That cannot happen.   Ever.

The rest of the family is gone for the day.  They all have separate errands to run as we prepare for the fight.  Edwaird has stayed behind, wanting to spend time with me, and I go in search of him, needing to feel his touch now more then ever as we get closer to the big day.  I find him reading a book in what I’d consider their library.  He sits in the window seat and when I walk in, he immediately looks up from his book.

“You have concccccern within you.  I feel it, my Bell-a.  What issss it that worriessss you?” he asks, standing and meeting me halfway into the room.  I possessively wrap my arms around his waist and bury my face in his chest.  Unable to stifle the emotions that flow through me, tears flood my eyes and slide down my cheeks.

Edwaird holds me close to him, tightly, and just lets me cry.  I open my mind and throw out my thoughts mentally to him.

Nothing can happen to you.  If something did, I would die, Edwaird.  You can’t fight!  I can’t lose you!

“Aghizzzzzzzzz, my Bell-a.”  His arms wrap tighter around my shoulders.

Nothing will happen to me.  Our family will protect usss both, Bell-a.  You can be ssssure of that.  Calm, my Bell-a.

He holds me, and we sway to our own silent symphony.  After a while, I calm a little, but still feel terrible nervousness.  We walk back to our bedroom and I take a shower while he goes to the kitchen to find something for us to eat.  I don’t know what it is, but I am suddenly ravenous, like my body knows it needs to prepare itself for something huge.  I could seriously eat the fucking Soom right now and even I know how disgusting that sounds.

Edwaird is already back in our room by the time I emerge from the shower.  When I exit with a towel on my head and my robe wrapped around me, there is a plate of food awaiting me.  The only reason he has put the food on a tray is because there is too much for him to actually carry.  It’s like he read my mind...he probably did.

There is something to be said about sex on a bed.  While all of the other places we’ve had sex have been fun --a lot of fun-- I still love bed sex.  I love it most, because it’s soft, and he’s so hard, and I love his hardness pushing me into the softness...which is exactly what happens.

I love this man.  I love him so much that my heart and mind can’t really fathom it.  I eat enough to sate my appetite, and then my appetite takes on a new shape.  The shape in the form of Edwaird, and sex, and an orgasm that will make me scream.  It’s a good thing they make the walls extra thick here.

Edwaird and I lie next to each other; he lazily draws circles on the flesh of my stomach, having pushed my robe open.  The towel is gone from my head, but my hair is still wet and splayed across the bed.  I trace the shell of Edwaird’s ear and he makes a noise close to a purr.  It makes me think back to the first time that I saw my new family, and the sounds that came out of Essssme and Carlisss when we first saw him standing naked after they saved me.  They took off down the hall and there was lots of ear touching.

I totally get it now.

Before my flain were uncovered, I’d always had a slight turn on from earplay, but now it‘s ridiculous.  There has to be earplay now for me to get off.  These little holes sense shit!  They pick up more than your mind can fathom and being that I have four instead of three, Jassspeer has told me he thinks that I am even more sensitive to sight, sound, touch, everything.

Edwaird’s fingers are replaced by his tongue and I decide to forget about all of the scientific bullshit for now.  This may be our last chance to be together before our fight and I need to make the most of every moment before I start training tomorrow.  I’ll need to get extra sleep so that I can be ready to go early in the morning.

Edwaird’s tongue leaves my belly, and with my eyes closed, I don’t see where he goes next, until I feel it.  All thought flies out the window and I just feel.  I feel his tongue lick up the outer part of my ear, feel his warm breath fan across my flain, feel his fingers thread into my hair.  I pull him closer, closer, until he is on top of me and his mouth moves to mine.  He kisses around my mouth, teasing me, then finally, his lips touch mine.  He is gentle, but I don’t want gentle.  I want him to consume me.

I deepen the kiss and grind my hips up toward his.  He gets the point and kisses me harder.  Our teeth clink together and he moves his mouth down my neck, then sits up to move the robe the rest of the way off of me.  He kisses and licks across my collarbone and I squirm below him, seeking friction.  His mouth latches onto my nipple and I whimper, wanting and needing more of him.  He sucks on it while his fingers lightly pinch the other one.  He moves down, his hands framing my rib cage and his mouth licking in the curve of my stomach.  He finds my jutted hipbones and licks at them.  Torturous, because I want his mouth elsewhere.

He lightly drags his nose across my pubic bone, looking up in my eyes.  I know what he sees.  He sees want and need and the hope of ecstasy in my eyes that I know I’m going to get.  He kisses the small patch of hair there and my head falls back.

His fingers lightly graze my entry, and I feel warm air blow across the part of me that aches for him.  He slowly pushes his fingers into me and a low moan escapes me.  But I want more, and he seems to as well, because his mouth is on me within seconds and I nearly scream at the pleasure.  He doesn’t have to work me, licking and lightly nibbling on me until I fall over the edge.  While I’m still riding the momentous waves, he enters me hard and I scream in pleasure.  He pulls me to him a little and I wrap my legs around his middle while my back is still on the bed.

He moves in me slowly, and his length seems to be the hardest it’s ever been inside of me.  My body feels so feverish.  He makes me feel this way, and I can’t get enough of it.  With a slowness that could be considered torture, he slides in and out, then in and out, and I want him to pound me fast and hard.  But still, this is better, because I know that I will feel this from my head to my toes, out through my fingertips, and past that, if possible.

Edwaird lowers himself to me and our mouths crash together hungrily.  Our tongues mingle, fight for dominance, then recede to a passionate kiss.  He begins to move in me faster and the warmth down below begins to build in me once again.  I feel sweat beginning to bead up on my upper lip and see that it is forming on Edwaird’s forehead, as well.

Edwaird starts to push into me harder and faster, but then I push him off me and turn over onto my belly.  I stick my ass up into the hair and he plunges into me.  I feel him so much deeper this way and he wraps one arm around me as he fingers my clit while he fucks me from behind.  This is So.  Much.  More.  

My vision starts to tunnel out and all of a sudden, I see a burst of stars as I tip over the edge.  Edwaird pumps several more times into me, very quickly and he grunts loudly as he comes, then collapses on top of me.

Neither of us are able to move or speak for several minutes, but finally, I move out from underneath him and cuddle into his side.  He peppers my face and forehead with little kisses and I sigh happily.  I want to stay right here, like this, forever.

I know that can’t happen, at least, not until I take care of my biological mother.  I hate that I share the same genes, same blood as her, but at the same time, I wouldn’t ever take it back.  This is who I am, who I’m becoming, and I would never give Edwaird back.  So, while it sucks that she can’t at least be nice, I understand that this is the path that was destined for me.

Destiny.  Kismet.  Fate.

I take it all, as long as I still have Edwaird in the end.

With that last thought, I turn to Edwaird and kiss his smooth lips, then let darkness of needed sleep take me.

Tomorrow will come too soon.
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