The Change-Up Chapter 3
Chapter 3

The foursome steps through the doorway of Rose's apartment, happy to finally be inside. No one says anything; they are all nervous and slightly awkward in the situation. But they all want it. After they are all inside, Rose shuts the door behind her and locks it, just out of habit. The sound of the lock clicking into place is loud in the room, making Bella jump.

"Anxious much, Bella?" Emmett quips with a cocky smirk on his face.

Bella rolls her eyes at Emmett and begins to take her coat off, as do the others.

Rose takes each of the coats and walks down the hall and into a bedroom. She lays them on the bed and walks back out to her guests. "So, I think we need a few shots. What do ya say?" she asks. They all immediately begin nodding their heads in agreement.

Following Rose, Edward, Emmett and Bella make their way into the kitchen. While Rose busies herself finding shot glasses, salt, tequila, and a lime, the other three stand in the kitchen, not talking. For Bella, every second that passes by, it gets more and more uncomfortable. She leans against the island wondering if maybe she should go home, maybe this is a mistake. Since meeting him tonight, she had really been looking forward to getting to know Edward a little bit better, but she was not sure that was a good idea anymore; he could be Rose's man.

Edward leans against the doorframe of the kitchen door, just a few feet away from Bella, and clears his throat, pulling her from her thoughts. Bella glances over at him quickly, then over to Emmett, who is standing next to the refrigerator and is studiously inspecting the crown molding. He shuffles his feet nervously, making Bella giggle. It catches in her throat and makes her sound like a choked pig.

Emmett looks over at Bella, as do all the others, and they all bust into a chorus of laughter. The tension is broken.

"Oh my God! Tyler is the biggest douchebag of them all! Seriously," Emmett announces. "Bella, I just don't know where you find these assholes! You are way too good for them."

By this point, they have all had a few shots and feel relaxed, chatting happily and feeling the buzz that the tequila has awarded them. They sit in a circle on the floor. Rose leans back against the chair, her eyes closing briefly and a small, content smile on her lips. Emmett is next to her, trying to inch his way closer to her body. Next to Emmett, Edward lies on his stomach with his long legs behind him. Bella notices them; she licks her lips lazily and then looks over to Rose, beside her.

Rose is watching her. Bella worries that Rose saw her ogling her friend, or boy toy, or whatever the fuck he is to her. She doesn't want her new "friend" and employer to be angry with her.

Rose breaks the momentary silence. "Let's do body shots. Yeah?" She pauses and looks at everyone else, and announces, "Bella and I will go first."

Bella giggles nervously again, but this time she sounds a bit more normal. She waits for Rose to give her instructions since she has never done body shots.

Rose moves closer to Bella and gently pushes her backward onto the soft carpet. Bella watches Rose apprehensively as flutters of anxiety tickle her stomach. Bella closes her eyes as she feels her shirt lift, exposing a portion of her abdomen. Rose licks a patch of skin just above Bella's belly button and pours a bit of salt onto the wet area.

"Ready, Bella?" Rose asks quietly, and Bella opens her eyes and nods. Rose smirks at her and then looks to the boys. "Are you ready?" she asks them.

They both nod their heads quickly, looking like bobble head dolls. Rose chuckles, loving their reaction.

As Rose leans over Bella to pour the tequila in her belly button, the men shift to get better views. Rose moves down to Bella's stomach and reaches her tongue out to the smooth skin. She drags her tongue across the salty patch, then quickly moves to her belly button and sucks the tequila from the sexy curve of Bella's stomach. She swallows down the tequila, then moves up to Bella's mouth and takes the lime from Bella. Rose sucks on it and drops it to the carpet. She lowers her head back down to Bella's mouth and licks her lips, cleaning off any remnants of the lime flavor.

The men audibly groan watching them.

The next set of shots are done simultaneously between the group of four. Emmett lifts Rose up onto the blue velvet couch and lays her back just a bit. On the floor, Edward places a pillow under Bella's head and proceeds with his body shot. He tortures her slowly by blowing his hot breath across her skin, and eventually nips at her neck and ear, eliciting a small whimper from her. Bella is vaguely aware of the flirting and teasing going on between Rose and Emmett on the sofa, because all she can think about is how exquisite Edward's tongue feels against her skin. Just before he takes the lime from her mouth, Edward says, challenging her, "Beat that, Sexy."

"He has got to be kidding," Bella tells herself. Even though his body shot was erotic, making her body break out with the most delicious goose bumps she's ever had, she knows that she can drive him wild. Shy or not, she will do better. She wants to lick his happy trail. She laughs to herself, thinking she could drink tequila a little more often, at least for the courage factor.

Edward swallows thickly and helps Bella sit up. It is her turn now. She snickers at Edward and asks, "Beat that? Seriously?" She pulls herself off the carpet and to a kneeling position; Edward is in the same position across from her. She leans closer to his ear so only he can hear her, and whispers, "I'm going to make you squirm."
"Lie down, Edward," she commands him. Edward complies and lies where Bella had previously. Bella turns around to see Rose sitting very close to Emmett, his arm around her shoulders.

Bella grabs the shot glass and refills it, then the salt and the lime, and scoots closer to Edward. "Take your shirt off, unless you want it to get wet," she says. A little noise comes out of his throat in surprise, but he complies and pulls his shirt over his chest. Bella ogles his masculinity for a second and then refocuses her attention as Edward lies back down.

Bella dips her finger into the tequila and starts a trail a bit below Edward's belly button and at the start of his happy trail. She skips over his belly button and resumes dragging her finger up his torso. She dips her finger again and goes back to his sternum, then pulls her finger to the right and circles Edward's nipple. She doesn't look at Edward, but she can feel his eyes burning into her. Bella grabs the salt and begins to sprinkle the salt on his body, along the wet tequila trail. Bella makes the salt trail sparse so she doesn't gag on too much of it. Still feeling his eyes on her, she puts the salt back down and picks up the lime and the shot glass, contemplating for just a second. She carefully pours the shot in his belly button and he jumps just a tad, a bit of the liquid rolling down his side. Bella smiles a little at that and finally looks at Edward's face. He stares intently at Bella and it is hard for her to look away. She doesn't want to lose her nerve, so she takes the lime and slowly drags it across his lips, asking silent permission for him to open his mouth to her. He does, and she places the lime slice in his mouth and he gently bites down on it, holding it in place.

Bella gives him a small smile and then looks back up at the couch. Rose has a devious grin on her face, while Emmett looks purely stunned. He has never seen Bella, his best friend act this way, but he likes it. She has always been a bit more of an innocent, if not a little uptight. He is glad that she is spreading her wings…and other things.

Bella moves back down to Edward's torso and leans over, placing her tongue against Edward's skin at his pleasure patch. He hisses as she begins to make her way up his abdomen. When she gets closer to his chest, she stares into his eyes as she licks, then quickly moves her mouth over to his nipple, circling it. Edward groans, and Bella quickly pulls away from him. He misses the contact instantly, but is relieved when she starts licking at his side, following the trail where the tequila had escaped from his belly button. When she comes to the pool of alcohol resting in the curve of his lower abdomen, she sucks it up and swallows it down, gasping a little at the burn. Finally, she turns toward his mouth, moving closer to pull the lime wedge from his pouty lips, but it's not there. Suddenly, Edward tilts his face toward hers, pressing his lips against hers. He opens his mouth a little to taste her lips, and Bella responds instinctively, opening her mouth and tasting the lime juice on his tongue. Edward sits up a little and pulls Bella closer to him, placing his hand on the back of her neck and deepening the kiss.

He wants this; so does she.

A throat clears somewhere in the room and Bella quickly breaks free. "Cheater," she says to Edward through a smile.

Bella stands up just as Rose moves from the couch and begins to pick up the remnants of their game. Rose walks into the kitchen and Bella follows her.

"Are you ready for the real fun, Bella?" Rose asks as she sets the glasses in the sink and quickly rinses her hands off.

"Yeah. Actually...I am," Bella replies, stealing a quick glance toward Edward. Rose turns around and nods at her, then grabs onto Bella's hand and pulls her back out into the living room.

When they re-enter, both men are sitting on the sofa, which is actually quite perfect.

Rose leads Bella over to the settee and says, "Sit."

Bella lowers herself down onto the cushion as Rose crouches down and kneels between Bella's legs, facing her. Rose looks up at Bella's face as she moves her hands to the bottom of Bella's t-shirt. She lifts the shirt slowly, giving Bella time to stop her, if she needs to. Bella says nothing, and the shirt is quickly off, leaving Bella in her lacy blue bra.

"Bella, I want you to talk dirty to me. Loudly. Let the men hear," Rose whispers in Bella's ear and blows wet warmth across her cheek and down her chest. Slowly, Rose moves her hands around to Bella's back and unhooks the bra hook and eyelet. Her eyes remain on Bella's but see that her skin begins to flush. It turns Rose on. Bella feels exposed, and part of her wants to run out of the room and out the door, but the larger part of her wants this, needs this. Shyness be damned.

"Rose, I want you to touch me. Touch my hard, begging nipple. Please. Touch me, Rose." Bella drags her thumb slowly over her taut, rosy nipple and whimpers at the sensation. She glances up and over at the men that watch them. They both sit with their legs crossed, their eyes wide and mouths agape.

Rose licks at Bella's nipple, and Bella sucks her bottom lip into her mouth and groans. Her eyes roll back into her head a little.

"Holy. Jesus. Fuck me already," Emmett groans out and crosses his legs the other way, squashing his pulsing hard-on.

Edward rips his hand through his hair for what has to be the fiftieth time tonight. He looks over at Emmett and sees that the dude has the same look on his face that he imagines is on his own. "My dreams are coming true right now, and it's a bit like hell at the moment," Edward whispers to Emmett while looking at the sexy women before him.

Bella moans again as Rose pulls her panties down over her knees and off of her ankles. Rose looks up and over her shoulder at the men and smiles. She turns back to Bella and spreads her legs, climbing between them. Rose spiders her fingers up Bella's thigh and traces her lower lips. Rose circles the plump lips one time with her long fingernail, tickling Bella. Without notice, Rose gently flicks the budding orchid between Bella's legs and makes her cry out.

Over on the couch, the men groan once again.

Rose slips her long finger inside of Bella's glistening, heated pussy and pumps her finger. Once. Twice. Then stops. If the men get to watch, so will she and Bella.

Rose pulls her finger out and Bella whimpers at the loss. Rose stands up and faces the men. She buries her wet finger in her mouth and closes her full lips around it and sucks. She can see the men's Adam's apples bob simultaneously.

Rose looks back to Bella and winks. Bella smirks up at her in understanding.

"This isn't a free show, gentlemen," Rose explains as she puts her hand on her hip.

The looks on Edward's and Emmett's faces show their confusion.

"Meaning?" Edward asks.

Bella stands up next to Rose. "We're equal opportunists. If we give, you give."

Edward shakes his head and chuckles. "No way. Not happening, Rose."

Emmett looks at the women, then to Edward, and back to the women. After a second, it dawns on him. "No fucking way, Bells! You know me, strictly hetero!" He magnifies his point by groping large, juicy air-titties. "Het-er-o!"

Bella chuckles and Rose shrugs her shoulders. Rose reaches down and draws circles on Bella's bare inner thigh. "Well, no show for you then, studs. Such a pity, we were really looking forward to it. Weren't we, B?" Rose looks at Bella and keeps on with the circling.

Bella sticks out her bottom lip, pouting. "We were." She barely manages a whisper as Rose is getting her worked up again.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ladies! Hold the phone," Emmett says. He looks at Edward and shrugs. Emmett turns back to the women. "What exactly do you want?"

Edward groans and is about to say something, but Rose beats him to it. "Now that's the attitude I like."

Rose looks up to Bella and quirks her eyebrow, silently asking if they should go over to the men. Bella nods and stands up, quickly pulling her panties back in place. Rose moves over to the side of the couch where Edward sits but stands behind him. Bella does the same with Emmett, but crouches down a little bit, so that her mouth is level with his ear. She blows lightly in his ear and he groans a little.

"Come on, B. Don't tease me like that!" Emmett groans out.

"Uh, uh, big guy. Remember the deal? We share, you share. It's your turn to share, and then we will share some more. Won't we Rose?" Bella asks, and then licks up the curl of Emmett's earlobe, eliciting another groan from him.

"Come on, Rose. Really? I mean, this is me you're talking to!" Edward pleads with Rose, but it doesn't get him anywhere.

"Like I would ever make you do much with another guy, Edward. Relax and pretend it's not Emmett. You just have to kiss. Now, we don't mean some weak little peck either. We want tongue, and moaning, and face cradling and all that shit. You dig?" A smirk passes over Rose's mouth as she looks between the two men, watching them as they squirm at the women's demand. "You dig?" she asks in a saucy, chiding voice.

Both men sigh loudly. "Close your eyes, boys," Rose commands the men. At first they are stubborn, staring each other down, but Emmett sighs again and shrugs his shoulders. His eyes flutter once and then twice, and then his lashes rest on his cheek. Edward takes a few more blinks and then closes his as well.

Behind Emmett, Bella begins to rub his shoulders, attempting to get him to relax a little. She has never imagined being in this type of situation with Emmett. He has always been a lady's man...just as she has always been a made-for-a-man kind of girl, but things have obviously changed. She knows Emmett won't ever get in too deep with men - he is too good in bed with women, and she can vouch for him, many times - but this could be fun. She wonders how far he will go with this, since he is more open-minded about it than Edward seems to be.

As Emmett relaxes, Bella keeps rubbing his shoulders but settles onto the couch behind him. It is a strategized move, as it makes Emmett move closer to Edward. To keep Emmett's mind on her, Bella begins to nibble at his neck.

Across from them, Rose notices Bella's move and decides to do the same thing. She crawls in behind Edward and, like Emmett, he moves in a bit to make room for her. Rose leans in close and begins to nibble on Edward's ear. She notices his breathing changes; she decides it's time to get these boys together.

She whispers, "Edward, do you want me to tell you all the things I'm going to do to Bella?" Edward gasps and nods his head "yes."

"Get closer to Emmett, first," Rose commands him, but in a low, seductive voice, a voice he can't say no to.

Edward inches even closer to Emmett, and across from them, Bella must be doing the same kind of convincing, as Emmett also moves a little closer.

"Emmett, did you like seeing Rose bury her fingers in me?" Bella asks Emmett, and he quickly responds, nodding his head "yes" and scrunching his eyes shut even tighter.

"Do you want to see her do that again?" she whispers to Emmett.

His response comes out breathy. "God, yes."

Bella puts her hand on Emmett's head and begins to massage it, gently pushing his head closer to Edward's.

"Emmett, Rose's tongue felt so good inside of my pussy. She teased my clit with her amazing mouth and made me clench inside," she says, just louder than a whisper as she pushes him the last little bit. He and Edward now sit close to each other, only inches between their faces.

Rose moves her hand up along Edward's arm, around his shoulder, and draws lazy circles in his manly chest hair that peeks out the top of his shirt. She slowly drags her finger up to his mouth and pushes at his entrance. He opens for her and begins to lick and suck at her long finger. She pulls it out after several ministrations and moves her finger over to Emmett's mouth, he can tell it is a woman's finger and opens his mouth. It's already wet but he sucks it into his mouth anyway, wanting to taste it. After Emmett sucks several times, Rose moves her finger back to Edward's mouth, slipping it back inside, and then pulls it away completely.

"See now, boys. That wasn't so bad. You already know what each other tastes like," Bella purrs at them.

Emmett knows he has to start this party - Edward never will - and if he knows Bella, or is getting to know Rose at all, they won't stand for some piddly kiss. They will want a real kiss like the one they had shown, and more.

Emmett reaches his hand out in the air, feeling around for Edward's face. He comes in contact with a strong jaw and growing stubble. Emmett reaches his hand around to the back of Edward's head. Edward is slightly resistant but then just decides to go with it. He moves closer to Emmett, letting the man guide him.

Their noses brush. Their eyes stay closed and they turn their heads a few times, trying to figure out which way the other will turn to gain access. Behind them Bella bites her lip and looks at Rose, who smiles a triumphant grin.

Edward brushes his lips against Emmett's, studying the contours. They are soft. He wasn't expecting them to be soft. Emmett opens his mouth just enough to get a hold of one of Edward's lips. They are plump and soft. He puts more pressure against them, kissing them. He could almost be kissing a woman; the lips are soft and warm. Edward decides it isn't as bad as he thought it was going to be. He puts his hand up to Emmett's chin and pulls his face in even more. They kiss with mostly closed mouths until Edward finally gets the nerve to try it with tongue. He lightly puts his tongue just at the entrance of Emmett's mouth, waiting to see what will happen. Emmett doesn't open right away, shocked that Edward made the move for tongue first, but then willingly complies. He kind of likes this, although he will never tell anyone.

Emmett swirls his tongue around his own mouth and finds Edward's. He caresses it with his own and almost moans. He lifts his other hand up to Edward's face and rests it on his cheek. Edward kisses harder and, suddenly, he forgets that he is kissing a man. Or maybe it's that he actually enjoys kissing a man.

The men begin to get into the kissing of one another. As Bella watches, she feels herself growing wet and her pussy begins to ache. She bites her lip and looks over at Rose, who is staring at her. Rose slowly stands up from the couch and out from behind Edward, then takes Bella's hand. She pulls her out from behind Emmett and kneels to the floor. Bella follows and the two women begin to kiss, both kneeling in front of each other. The men stop for a moment, but the women pay them no attention as they continue to kiss.

Bella quickly drops her lips to lick wet trails down Rose's neck but pulls away and swiftly lifts Rose's shirt off over her head. Because Bella knows all about bra clasps, she quickly pinches her fingers together and the bra pops open. Rose holds her arms out in front of her, and Bella slowly slides the straps down her arms and pulls the barrier away; Rose's pert breasts spring free. Bella pushes Rose back so she lies on the soft carpet and Bella goes back to kissing her neck, licking at her collar bones.

Up on the couch, the men pull away from each other, both panting heavily. Edward licks his lips and then looks at the two women on the floor. Bella is now totally naked and Rose has lost her shirt and bra. He wants in on that, but wants to watch just a little bit more. Edward kneels on the carpet beside the couch. Emmett remains on the couch and watches as Bella removes Rose's pants; her panties remain on, but he will make sure they come off very soon.

Bella begins to move her tongue, licking trails across Rose's torso and toward her belly button. Her tongue dips in and then makes a trail up between Rose's breasts. Bella moves her mouth to Rose's left breast and begins to graze the other nipple with her finger. Rose whimpers, her body writhing under Bella. "More, baby. Please," Rose begs.

Bella feels all of her insecurities fly out the window. She can feel the eyes from behind her, but for once, instead of the shyness that usually takes hold of her, she feels power. She knows she has power, because she can feel the want, the need that the men emit behind her. With her newfound braveness, Bella decides to finally kick the party into high-gear. She removes her hand from Rose's breast and slowly trails her fingers down Rose's side, over her hip bone, and brushes over her still-clothed pussy. The body under her jerks upward and Rose lets out a moan. "Oh, yes. PLEASE!"

Bella removes her mouth from Rose's breast and scoots down a little, needing both hands to shimmy Rose's panties off of her. Emmett is slightly disappointed that he won't be the one to remove Rose's underwear, but at the same time, he is just grateful that they are finally off. He groans at the site of her sexy, shaved pussy. He wants to lick it, he wants to fuck it, and then fuck it again. For a moment, Emmett worries that this could get confusing, or weird, or something. He has been with Bella, and he knows that Edward has been with Rose. But he wants Rose, and he has a sneaking suspicion that Edward wants Bella.

Losing track of his thoughts, Emmett notices that Bella is now hovering over Rose, each other's pussies in the other's face. 69-style. Fuck yes, Emmett thinks. He watches Bella as she begins to blow across Rose's pretty pussy lips, and his dick begins to ache in the most uncomfortable way.

"Ugh, Bella," Rose moans.

Bella quickly sits up a little, still straddling Rose, but in a kneeling position. "Gentlemen, unless you plan to just watch all of this, I suggest you start removing your clothes."

The men think about it for less than a split second and begin to rip the clothes from their bodies. Bella smirks as Rose whispers behind her, "Way to take control, B."

It doesn't take long, and both men are standing before the two women; Emmett wearing boxers and Edward in boxer briefs. Bella simply quirks her eyebrow at the two men, and they immediately pull the last offending articles of clothing from their bodies.

"Much better," Rose says from under Bella. Bella repositions herself over Rose's pussy and licks. Rose moans loudly, as do both men.

"Fucking hell," Edward groans and lowers himself to the floor. He can't just watch any longer. He crawls over to the women, and as he passes Bella, he trails his finger along the curve of her spine and just to the top of the crack of her ass. Somehow, he is going to fuck her. Somehow.

Bella moves around so that her center no longer hovers over Rose's face, giving Edward a little room. She swings around but keeps her mouth on Rose's pussy, licking as Rose bucks, screams, then comes.

"Oh my fucking God!" Emmett exclaims. He bounds from the couch and snatches Bella up in his arms; her back to his chest. On the floor, Rose takes Edward's cock into her mouth and sucks him hard. She deep-throats and his head falls backward.

Emmett begins to slip his cock back and forth against Bella's pussy, but never enters it. His eyes linger on Rose's mouth as she fucks Edward with it, but then he feels a pang of guilt. Bella moans from in front of him and he can sense that she is beginning to get tense, maybe a little irritated that he mainly seems to be teasing her. But then he watches as Rose pulls her mouth away from Edward's cock. Edward looks down at Rose, confused, but sees her focus on Emmett and Bella. Emmett stares at Rose, while Bella's eyes are closed.

Rose knows she needs to say something. It isn't Edward she wants to be with; it's the hunk of man that's clit-teasing Bella. "FUCK THIS. SWITCH!" Rose announces.

Bella's eyes fly open and all eyes in the room turn to Rose; she shrugs and looks up at Edward. "No offense, sweetness, but you and I both know that this is backward. And so do they," Rose deadpans.

Rose gets up from the floor and walks over to Bella and Emmett. "You get what I'm saying, Bella?"

Bella nods and smiles at Rose, because yes, she knows exactly what she is saying, and fuck if she isn't damn relieved Rose said something. She never would have herself, although she is dying to once again feel Edward's hand on her skin.

Rose looks over her shoulder at Edward once more, then takes Emmett's hand and leads him back to her bedroom. "Have fun, you two," she says, then shuts the bedroom door.

Edward looks at Bella who is, for some reason, looking a little shy. He will take care of that. He knows that Rose probably worried that she would hurt someone's feelings in her declaration, but he is thankful. This is his chance with Bella, and he wants to prove something to her. Even though he only just met her earlier in the evening, there is something about her that draws him in like no other woman ever has before. Not even Rose, and that says a lot.

Quickly crossing the room to her, Edward takes Bella's face in his hands, his thumbs resting along the line of her jaw while his long fingers caress the curve of neck, under her ear; he brushes his lips along hers. They are so soft, plush, so inviting. He gently nibbles at her bottom lip and then at the top one. Moving his face to kiss along her jaw, Edward returns to her mouth to place a passionate kiss on her lips and slips his tongue out to taste her. She opens her mouth to him and feels his tongue slide inside. The way his tongue moves in her mouth along with her tongue is like a dance; they undulate to the music that their moans create, and before long, Bella is out of breath. She has to break the kiss and hates to do it.

Edward quickly pulls Bella back down to the floor and crawls over her; his arms and legs straddle her, but he puts no weight on her in fear that he will be too heavy for her. He lowers his mouth to her neck this time and nibbles at her smooth, pale skin. That is something else he admires about her; in a time when women feel they have to be tanned to a crisp and don leathery skin, here she is, practically pale as a ghost and thinking nothing of it.

"God. Your skin, Bella. It's the most exquisite thing. Along with your hips, your lips, your tits. All of it," Edward whispers as he admires her body.

Bella grips Edward by the back of his head and pulls him back to her face; she smashes her lips against his and kisses him hard. Her body shivers at the sensations he elicits in her; she wants more. So much more. She plunges her hands into his crazy hair and almost moans at the silkiness of it, then squeals a bit as she feels herself become weightless.

Edward wants this beauty to straddle him, so he can feel her heat against his skin and not to worry about crushing her. He holds her waist and rolls, settling her on top of him. It gives him a fantastic view of her gloriously perky tits and he really wants to suck them, taste them. He needs to taste every last bit of this woman and this is not going to be the best angle to do that. Just when he thinks about rolling them back over, he feels the hotness of her pussy slide along his shaft and gasps.
"Oh, Bella. You feel so fucking good. I want to be inside of you, but not quite yet. Lie on your back for me again?"

Bella lets out a quiet whimper and lies back down on the floor. Edward is over her in an instant and begins to lick and nibble at her neck again. He doesn't waste any time; he moves his mouth over her taut nipple and sucks on it. Below him, Bella bucks her hips; Edward moves the hand that isn't steadying him down her torso. He kneads her hips with his fingers and slowly brushes the small amount of hair just above her pussy; he ghosts a finger across her lips.

Bella sucks in a breath as she feels Edward's finger touch her; she tries to rein them in, but her hips buck up at his hand anyway. "Edward. Oh! Oh, please!"

"You got it, sweetness," Edward replies as he quickly moves his mouth down her torso. He licks her belly button and then moves over her hips, nibbling at the skin over the bone. He finds that part of her body to be incredibly erotic and spends some time sucking it, biting it; he licks his way to her inner thigh. He can hear Bella gasp as she writhes; her fingers dig into the carpet as she attempts to gain composure. She can't, but she doesn't care. His mouth is oh-so-fucking-close to her pussy and she is begging to feel his mouth there.

Edward can't wait to taste her any longer. The smell of her makes his cock ache and his mouth water; he needs her on his tongue, so he makes it so. First, he kisses her pussy and listens as she lets out a shuddering breath; then he licks the outside of her.

"Yes. Please, please more, Edward," Bella begs. She doesn't care how fucking needy she sounds. Not one bit.

Edward slips his tongue inside of her pussy and gets a good taste of her. Like. Fucking. Liquid. Gold. He dives into her with a frenzy, licking, nibbling, and teasing her with his tongue. Her body begins to buck into his face and he quickly adds a finger, slipping it inside of her pussy. With his tongue, he flicks at her clit and then adds a second finger. Bella's breathing begins to quicken as she gets close. A light sweat breaks out over her body; short of coming by Edward's fingers, she stops him.

"Wait, Edward. I want...," she pauses to catch her breath. "I want your cock in me. I want you to fuck me, Edward."

"Your wish, my command, Beautiful."

Edward moves back up to Bella's face and leans in to kiss her. Bella can taste herself on his lips and she feels some kind of a claim on him. She wouldn't mind if he tasted like that every time he kissed her because that would mean he is only tasting her. Part of her knows that she shouldn't be thinking things like that, because really, they are still strangers to each other, but she wants more from him than just this fuck. She wants to know him, in all ways.

Edward starts to rub his incredibly hard cock along the outside of Bella's pussy but can't take the minimal contact for long. He wants into her warmth, her sanctuary. "Bella, I can't wait any longer. I want you so much. Are you ready?"

"Yes, please, Edward. I'm ready for you," Bella responds.

Edward places his tip at her entrance and pushes in slowly; he meets with some resistance and worries that he is too large for Bella, but she pulls on his arms, begging him to go further.

"More, Edward," Bella demands.

Edward pushes in further and further until he is all the way in and just stays like that for several seconds, relishing in her tightness. His cock is completely surrounded by her, and he decides he doesn't ever want to be anywhere else. Slowly, he pulls out and pushes back in. Pulls out, pushes back in. Bella begins to pant below him and makes whimpering noises. Their eyes lock on each other as they move, and Edward quickens his pace. In and out, in and out, he fucks her, and he fucking loves it. She seems to as well.

"Harder, Edward. Fuck me harder. I want you to ram me with your cock."

Edward grows even harder at her dirty words, and fucks her with vigor. He quickly begins to grow close and attempts to slow down so he doesn't come before her. Bella grips his tight ass cheeks and pulls him deeper. "Please, don't slow down. I'm gonna come, Edward." Edward picks up his fast pace again and pounds into Bella. Her pussy feels like home; all of her feels like home. Edward lowers his body so his skin rests on hers and continues to pump into her as he nibbles on her neck.

"So. Fucking. Beautiful. You feel so good, baby," Edward murmurs to her.

"Oh! Oh God. Fuck, Edward. I'm coming. Uhnnnn!" Bella screams and squirms and thrusts her hips up into Edward's as hard as she can. He moves faster yet, and she rides the ecstasy tide for several moments and then works hard once more to get Edward off. She clenches her inner walls to make it that much tighter for him and it helps.

"Oh, fuck me, Bella. That feels so fucking good. I never want to stop fucking you! MMM...oh, yeah." Edward lets out a more silent release but gently bites down on Bella's shoulder. Not enough to hurt her, but enough to feel her skin under his teeth. He has never done that before to a woman, but he feels like he needs to mark her as his in some way; he is unable to figure out why.

Edward lets out a groan and comes hard and fast inside of Bella. He pumps into her a few more times and then lays his head on her chest. They lie, panting and sweaty, spent; Edward's cock still rests inside of her.

"That...that was amazing," Bella says, breathlessly.

"Yes, it was. You're amazing," Edward replies and lets out a light chuckle.

"So are you, Edward," Bella admits. The best she has ever had - not that her list is long - but still, definitely amazing. Bella smiles up at Edward but then suddenly remembers. Jesus! Edward didn't put on a fucking condom! Bella is on birth control, so on that front, they are good to go, but she doesn't know anything about Edward or how careful he has been with other women in the past.

Edward sees the concern on Bella's face and immediately worries that she regrets what they just did. Thinking that is like torture, because he loves what just happened between them. He doesn't want the answer, but he still has to ask.

"Bella? Is everything okay? You look, ah, concerned. You don't regret what just happened, do you?" he asks while his mind silently chanted: please don't say you regret it, please don't say you regret it!

"Ahh...ummm. Shit. I mean, it's a little too late for it, and I don't want to sound like a bitch or for you to think that I think you're dirty or anything like that, but, I mean...there was no condom, Edward. But I'm on birth control, so we are clear in that aspect, but...yeah," Bella says quietly. She feels like a cornered bitch and can't look Edward in the eye.

"Oh. Bella, please look at me." Edward waits for her to look at him; he sees the worry in her eyes and feels bad that he is the reason that look is there.

"I'm clean. I always wear a condom. Except this time, which is...interesting. But you don't have to worry about catching anything. Besides, I haven't had that many partners anyway. And please, don't feel guilty for saying anything, because I'm glad you did. It lets me know that you are careful with your health and also practice safe sex...well, except this time." Edward gives Bella a sheepish smile and she smirks at him. They're okay.

Edward stands up and grabs a blanket off the back of the settee and holds his hand out to Bella so they can relocate to somewhere more comfortable. Bella stands up and follows Edward to the couch where he lies down and then pulls her down beside him. He cocoons them with the blanket and pulls Bella tightly to his chest. His last thought before drifting off to sleep: he could get used to this.
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