The Change-Up Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Rose's heart pounds away in her chest and heat licks at all parts of her body. Never in her life has she felt this amount of pleasure with a man. She gave up so long ago and, then here comes this man – Emmett – who has thrown her completely off a good way. Rose groans as Emmett pushes into her slick pussy again; pumping, pumping, thrusting. She likes being on top, always has, but as her second orgasm shakes her, she has to fall to the bed, completely exhausted and on fire. Emmett gently flips her to the bed and onto her back without ever coming out of her. He slows his thrusting down so that he can kiss her sexy mouth. One day soon it will be filled with his cock. He tangles his tongue with hers, and then moves his face down to her beautiful breasts. He thrusts into her, pulls out a little, then thrusts back in as his mouth latches onto one of her pink, taut nipples. She lets out a sexy whimper, and it makes him want to pick up his speed.

If Emmett is right, she has had two orgasms so far, and he wants to give her more. From what he understands from bits of conversation orgasms for Rose, with men, don't happen. He has changed that; his balls swell with a little bit of pride.

"Faster, Emmett. Now. Fucking pound me!" Rose demands.

She won't get an argument from him. Emmett takes Rose's legs and wraps them around his waist, giving him a good, deep angle of penetration. Her pussy is so tight and fits around his cock perfectly, like a pair of jeans just out of the dryer; hot like that too. Emmett can't help the growl that escapes his throat. Mine. It's all he can think; he needs to have this girl forever, and as that thought passes through his head, he worries that he may seem possessive, considering he met Rose tonight. Needless to say, he knows he won't be relinquishing her to anyone...ever.

Rose begins to quicken her hips thrusts, and Emmett moves back down to her mouth, crushing her lips with his. He pumps his dick into her with three hard thrusts. ONE. TWO. THREE. Rose screams.

"Uhnnnn...ahhh, ahhh. Oh, fuck! Emmett, fuck me, you feel so fucking good," Rose pants out. Her legs begin to quiver, and she is not sure how much longer she can go on.

"Please baby, fuck me, come in my pussy, Emmett! I want your hotness to fill me!"

"Oh, fuck, Rosie. Your pussy feels so fucking good. I want to fuck it forever. I want to kiss your mouth and your pussy and every fucking inch of you," Emmett heatedly whispers in her ear.

Emmett lifts Rose up off of the bed as he pulls himself into a sitting position, so she is sitting in his lap. Their sweat-slicked chests rub together, and he loves the feel of her tits against his chest. He thrusts into her again, and again, and feels himself coming close to the edge. Three more thrusts, and Emmett comes undone inside of Rose.

"Rosie. Oh, Rosie, baby. You feel so fucking good. Your pussy, your body, your amazing fucking legs, your mouth. Oh, God." Emmett thinks maybe he is talking too much, but he can't help it. He has never had sex like this, and never with someone that made him feel full, complete.

That cheesy Tom Cruise movie pops into his head for a moment, but he regains his focus on the beauty in front of him, straddling him, and looking into his eyes. Emmett sees something in her beautiful eyes, something almost recognizable, but not quite. He shakes himself of his inner musings and kisses Rose's pouty lips.

Rose loves tasting him, loves the feel of his cock buried in her pussy. Something in her warms at the thought of doing this often. After they break the kiss, she looks into his eyes again, she wants to tell him that he is hers. If her legs weren't shaking so badly, she would fuck him again.

They finally pull their bodies from each other and collapse on Rose's large, plush bed. The silence is comfortable and both just lie there, catching their breath and resting. Emmett speaks up after a few minutes, "That was...that…I don't know. That was like, the most amazing sex ever. I mean ever. You are amazing, Rose." He rolls over and gives her a peck on the lips.

"You were pretty fucking great yourself! I think you deserve a medal for that, or some fucking thing," she says, grinning from ear to ear.

"Nah. I don't want a medal. I just want the chance to do that again, and often." Emmett offers her a cheesy smile and shrugs a little.

"Any mother fucking time. Truly." Rose can't think of a better idea.


In the morning, Rose awakens with a heavy leg thrown over both of her own. She needs to piss in a bad way, but the sexy hunk of a man draped over her is still dead to the world. She lifts his leg - it weighs a ton - but somehow she is still able to get out from under it. She creeps to the bathroom and does her business, then washes her face with cool water to wake up, and emerges from the bathroom. Emmett hasn't moved a millimeter, still out cold. She needs to wake him up, as she will soon need to be getting to the club. While she really likes having him at her place, she needs some alone time to think about last night. Damn! What a fucking night! She thinks, never expecting to experience all that she had.

The light beyond the curtains is beginning to get quite bright, and she figures that if she could wake him now, and maybe if they could make enough noise, Edward and Bella will wake up out in the living room. Rose tip toes over to the bed and eases onto it, trying not to stir Emmett - she wants to surprise him. He lays in a way that has him spread eagle, and neither of them bothered putting sleepwear on the night before. Rose crawls up the bed - between Emmett's legs - but is careful not to touch him...yet, anyway. She pulls the sheet down from his waist slowly, and still, he doesn't stir. Rose begins to kiss the upper inside of his thigh, eliciting a quiet, sleepy groan from him.

"muf...r..sucky?" Emmett mumbles out in his sleep. Rose has to bite down on the sheet to keep from giggling out loud.

Rose regains her composure, and leans in to kiss his inner thigh again, then licks it. By now, Emmett's dick is beginning to rise to the occasion - without him consciously knowing it. It doesn't take long for him to realize it, as Rose's next step is to lick up his hardening shaft. Emmett groans again, and his eyes sleepily flutter open.

"You are the most amazing fucking woman I have ever met in my life."

Rose looks up at the handsome man and grins evilly, then takes his cock into her mouth. She pumps her head up and down several times, and then takes her mouth off completely and blows across the head. Emmett groans once again, and Rose trails her tongue around the rim of his dick. She flicks her tongue over the top of the head and licks away the bead of pre-cum then covers him completely once again.

"Oh, Sweet Rosalie in Heaven," Emmett pants out.

Rose begins to move her mouth over his slick, large shaft quicker, taking him deep into her throat. Emmett's legs, on both sides of Rose's head, begin to tense and quiver a little bit; he is close.

"Rosie. Baby, I'm going to cum," Emmett warns.

Rose answers him by gently gripping his balls with her hand, then flattens her tongue along his shaft and pushes her head down as far as she can handle. She lightly brushes her finger over his exit hole, which does it for him. Rose feels the pulses of his ejaculate shooting to the back of her throat, and she quickly swallows down each of the spurts. Four in all...the man's got some swimmers, Rose thinks.

Rose cleans him off with her tongue, then wipes at her mouth with the sheet a little bit, cleaning herself off. Emmett reaches down and grips Rose's upper arm, gently pulling her up to him.

"There is something about you, something I can't explain. I promise, I'm not trying to get all schmoopy on you, but I find you amazing, and breathtaking," Emmett confesses. He brushes his thumb over Rose's cheek bone, then pulls her face to his. He kisses her gently on the lips, nipping at the fuller bottom one with his teeth, then kisses her hard. Emmett tries to put all of his gratitude into the kiss, wanting to express that it isn't just her body he wants, but her mind and her opinion, and everything about her.

Rose is shocked by Emmett's admission, but says nothing, afraid to say anything. She is not sure of what she is feeling herself. She had felt amazement with Bella when she was able to give Rose her first orgasm ever. She thought that she would only ever have them with Bella, if she had more to give. She was only expecting a night of kinky fun with this foursome and had really wanted to feel Emmett's dick inside of her. She had long given up on the chance of having an orgasm with a man...then Emmett came along and turned her world upside down. But it wasn't just the sexual side of it either - which was odd - because for so long that is all it has been about. It took a lot for a man to catch Rose's attention, and to be honest, they usually weren't the Emmett type. Not that Rose went for types, quite opposite, but she also no longer cared to look.

All she knew was that she wanted Emmett, and not just for a random fuck buddy. She wanted him.

Emmett and Rose finally, reluctantly, break the kiss, both panting heavily and needing air.

Emmett gives Rose a quick peck on the nose and disentangles himself from her, then gets up and heads into the restroom. When he returns, Rose has already begun to dress, getting ready for the day. He is sad that their time together is over. He wants much more.

"So, ahhh. Shit. I don't know what to say from here-out," Emmett confides.
Rose has always been a no-nonsense kind of woman, she won't stop now. "I want to see you again. Last night was fucking amazing, I'm not afraid to say it. We may have done things backward, but I think a date is in order."
Emmett's mouth splits into an ear-to-ear grin. "I think that's a great idea."
Feeling better about the situation, and that this wasn't just some one night stand, Emmett follows Rose's action and begins to dress.


Edward and Bella are sitting on the couch when Emmett and Rose emerge from the bedroom. Edward's arm is thrown across Bella's shoulder with his hand snuggling her into his side. They are both quietly laughing, not noticing they have company.

Emmett clears his throat and both Edward and Bella look up. Bella goes to move, but Edward holds her to his side. Bella is reluctant to look at Rose, and maybe a bit scared too. When she finally does, she is surprised to see a shit-eating grin on Rose's face.

Rose says nothing of the scenario, she already knows Bella can be skittish, and really, there is no need - this has all turned out just as it should have. Rose wouldn't change a thing, just as none of the others would change anything.

"I have to head to the club in about twenty minutes, so you all need to scoot. Bella, you can have the day off, but I need you in tomorrow. Wear something sexy - I want you behind the bar for a little while," Rose says.

Bella and Edward rise from the couch and Bella is about to ask Rose if she is sure about doing that, but Edward speaks first.

"Bella bartending? Genius idea, Rose. You'll have women coming in just to watch her."

Bella blushes at his words and hides her face in his chest a little.

"Exactly," Rose says excitedly. She then turns to Emmett and asks, "Walk me to work?"

"Of course, and besides, my car is parked there." Emmett gives Rose a wink, then turns toward the door and opens it. The group shuffles out and Emmett pulls the door closed behind him; he is a bit sad to leave.

Down on the sidewalk in front of Rose's apartment, the four people are once again at a loss of what to say to each other. Bella, finally finding a voice amongst the group, speaks up.

"Jesus. It feels like somebody fucking died. So, okay. Yeah, this is weird.'s also really awesome. Em, I'm sorry if this is weird, but I know you like Rose, and I know that you know that I like Edward..." Bella looks at the others, then says "And Rose, you want Emmett, and Edward, well, I think you want me. Now, I don't want to lose my friends, or my new job. So can we stop with the awkward bullshit and just be fucking happy?"

There's a moment of silence before Emmett breaks out into a hearty chuckle. "You couldn't surprise me any-fucking-more, woman," Emmett says as he nuggies Bella's head.

"Ouch, fucker. That hurts," Bella scolds.

"Alright then, I need to get going, but I assume we are going to get together again soon. This is a good thing, I can feel it," Rose informs them.

The group quickly hugs one another, then splits up. Rose with Emmett and Bella with Edward.


Rose and Emmett walk in silence for a little while, neither of them minding it one bit. When they are about halfway there, Rose finally speaks up, addressing Emmett.

"So, I assume...and expect, to see you in my club a little more often, if at least to visit Bella?" Rose doesn't want to come off too pushy, and she isn't sure why she feels like a teenager all of a sudden.

"Yeah, I'll be there quite often, but it won't be just to see Bella. It'll mostly be to see you," Emmett replies, quite sure of himself.

Rose feels her face heat up a little bit at his statement and isn't used to it; she doesn't often let her outside appearance resemble her inner emotions.

They walk the rest of the way to the club, mostly in silence, but as they draw nearer to it they begin to chit chat about random topics. When they are finally standing in front of the crimson door, Emmett suddenly feels tongue-tied. Rose pulls the keys to the club out of her pocket, unlocks the door, then turns back to Emmett.

"So, I need to get in there and see how things were left last night. I expect that I'll be seeing you around though, right?" Rose doesn't want to assume that he is interested in seeing her on a full-time, exclusive basis, although she wants it.

"You will certainly be seeing me. And...ah, Rose? I won't be visiting anyone else, if you know what I mean?" He is being straight-forward; no sense in beating around the bush.

Rose smiles at him and bites her lip, but not in a shy way - it's more like an I want to kiss your face off way. She nods at him. "Good, and I won't be inviting anyone else either - if you know what I mean."

Emmett returns the smile and moves in closer to her, his face just inches from her own. When she thinks he is going to kiss her, he doesn't, but moves his mouth to her ear. He whispers, "Oh, the things I'm going to do to you."

Rose feels a flush move over her skin and grabs Emmett's head, pulling his face to hers. She smashes her lips against his, kissing him deeply and savoring his taste. When they finally pull away from each other, Rose pecks him on the nose, then turns back to the door. Over her shoulder she calls out, "See you soon, Emmett," then disappears inside.

Emmett practically skips to his car - which is a sight in itself.


As Bella and Edward walk toward her apartment, they start out several feet apart, and both feeling a teensy bit awkward. It's mostly Bella that is feeling awkward, but that is only because she wants to once again, jump Edward's bones. She wants to walk closer to him - hell, she wants to be on him as he walks. She can't understand why the hell she is so fucking horny, although, it doesn't really bother her for some reason.

She moves a little bit closer with the next step.

Edward is talking about what he does for a living and Bella knows she should be paying attention, because this is information she truly wants to know - cares about, but every time she looks at his face, she sees his delectable lips. She wants to bite them, suck them, lick them. She shakes her head, attempting to focus her attention on his words, not his fuck hot lips.

"Two-seventeen?" Edward asks.

Bella looks up at him confused and has to take two steps back toward him. She was so lost in her head - worshipping his body through her mind - that she hadn't realized he had stopped walking. "I'm sorry?"

Edward chuckles, then repeats, "Two-seventeen. Your apartment, right?" He asks as he motions at the building in front of them.

"Oh, jeez. I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings. Sorry," Bella says sheepishly.

Edward smiles at her and Bella feels her panties practically shimmy themselves down to her ankles.

"Um, would you care to come in for a moment? Or might have things to do. Ahh..." Why oh why did she ask that, she wants to slap herself, but not in front of him.

"Well, I have to get going, but I'll walk you to your door. What floor do you live on?"

Bella feels relief and maybe a bit ridiculous too. "The second floor," she says quietly.

Edward opens the door for her, and she walks in with him following. She begins climbing the staircase and feels his hand on the small of her back half way up; goose bumps break out over her skin.

She opens the stairwell door when she is to the top and they walk through, then just a few more steps to the door of her apartment.

"And here it is," she says as she fishes her keys out of her jeans pocket. She fidgets with the door a little and it unlocks.

She turns to look at Edward, but doesn't really know what she should say. Edward beats her to it.

"I would like to see you again, Bella. If that would be alright?" Edward feels a little nervous that she may say no. The previous night had gotten crazy.

"I'd love to see you again, Edward." Bella doesn't hesitate to answer. His interest in her suddenly gives her a surge of braveness, and she leans in to give him a gentle kiss goodbye.

Edward isn't looking for gentle; he attacks Bella's mouth like a lion attacks its next kill. His one hand snakes behind her back while the other goes to grip the back of her head. His mouth devours hers and he pushes his body closer to hers, gently rubbing against her. Bella moans and Edward kisses her harder, rubbing his growing erection against her stomach.

"Shit," Edward says and groans as he reluctantly pulls away. "We are going to continue that very, very soon. I promise."

Bella leans in and kisses him gently one more time, then opens the door. Before she closes it, she says, "See you soon, Edward."

Edward smiles and makes his way through the door to the stairwell and walks to the club - back to his car - with a throbbing dick. Bella watches him go, and as she is beginning to shut the door she hears a snicker. She peeks her head out and down the hallway. Sure enough, Esme has her head stuck out her door. Bella rolls her eyes at her.

"That man certainly knows how to pitch a tent. You should take him camping, Bella."

"Maybe I already have..." Bella taunts her neighbor, giving her a devilish smile as she retreats into her apartment.
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