In The Deepest Space - Chapter 2: Not A Fanny Pack
In The Deepest Space

Chapter 2 – Not A Fanny Pack
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xhuh-xhuh - more of a sound then a word, kind of like a breathing in sound, but it is the slang for intercourse.

Zook-pah - alien equivalent of “holy shit!”

Bella's POV ~

Along with Ah-lisss and Emmeet, I’m pulled down a long corridor with two others.  A male and a female walk on either side of me, and I’ve only picked up their names by accident.  There is a male, Jasspeer, and a beautiful female, Roe-salie.  

They allow me to walk on my own down the hall, but they each have a hand on me, guiding me to only God-knows-where.  As we walk, my mind once again drifts to my dad.  I wonder what he’s doing right now, and I mourn the loss of him.  I worry about his sadness and whether he’s eating, or mostly drinking away his sadness.  I wonder if he’s still working for the police department as their chief or if he has given that up.  Thinking of Charlie makes me wonder how much time has passed.  I know that travel through space can take time, some astronauts are gone for years and years, and when they return home, their families are changed; moved on without them.  That is the whole reason I repeatedly turned down Jacob on his offer of marriage.

We were the best of friends growing up, and when I decided on my future, he knew that it meant changes for us and our relationship that had grown from friends to lovers.  Still, he followed me from his beloved La Push for my schooling, and even after that, when I decided not to return to Washington.  I knew he missed his family and friends, and I felt guilty about it, but I never led Jacob to believe that I was going to go back.  My job was my life, which is why I could never fully commit to marriage; I was married to the stars.

How old is Jacob now?  How old is Charlie?  Please don’t let them be dead.

“Pleassse don’t let chwooo be dead?” the one called Roe-salie asks me, and I realize I’ve spoken my thoughts aloud.

I look to my left at her and see the small holes behind her ear open; they make me a bit squeamish for some reason, like they can sense something with them.  Though at the same time though, I find them incredibly interesting.  I clear my throat a little, feeling the tightness of oncoming tears.  “Um, Charlie, my father, and my...friend, Jacob.”

“And wh-ay would they be dead, as you say?”  It is the other man asking this time - Jasspeer.

I look to my other side then; the small holes behind his ears are covered by the hair that he wears a bit longer, his bangs curling back behind his ears.

“Well, because I don’t know how long it took me to get here.  I mean, that from the point of Mars that we were on, to...wherever it is we are now, I don’t know how far that is.  I don’t know the relativity of your time to mine.  Days, months, years.  They could all be completely different, and I have no idea.”

They all face forward as we come to a door, and it doesn’t go unnoticed that none of them bother to answer my question.  It doesn’t seem like they don’t have the answer, but more like something they don’t want me to know, which is probably bad news for me...and Jake and Dad.

The door we go through leads us to another long hallway with several other doors along it.  As we pass the second one, I hear loud noises, and the four others surrounding me make noises, maybe equivalent to my snickers?  I’m not sure until the small woman, Ah-liss looks over at me and makes a funny, breathy noise.

“xhuh-xhuh.  Eeentercourssse.”  She says, looking over at Jasspeer, and they seem to have a silent conversation.

Behind me, I hear Emmeet make that sound he’d made on the ship once again, and it makes me wonder what it means.  These...creatures, have so many words that I don’t recognize which I find incredibly interesting.  This entire experience is frightening, yet exciting all at once.

There must be confusion on my face because my shoulder is gripped.  I turn my head to look at Roe-salie, the hand belongs to her.

“Emmeet and I are mated.  He is unable to masssk some of his needsss due to our impregnation,” she explains.

I look down at her belly and see it, ever so flat, then look back up to her face.  It must be early in the pregnancy as Roe-salie shows no signs of carrying a child.

“How far into the pregnancy are you?” I can’t help but be curious.  I have always wanted children, but nothing had ever worked out the way I thought it would.  Besides, with my profession, it wouldn’t be fair to raise a child with my schedule, which is pure chaos.

Roe-salie cocks her head at me a little. “You are missstaken,” she says to me, then looks at Emmeet.  I follow her gaze to the back of Emmeet’s form in front of me...then I notice it.  Just above his ass is a slight bulge covered by his starchy-straight shirt.

Curiousity gets the best of me, and I reach my hand out to touch his back, not thinking.  Out of nowhere, I’m thrown up against the corridor wall by Roe-salie.  The holes behind her ears are uncovered, and she emits a very low growl or rumble.  It sounds a bit like synthesized music coming from her, many levels of different tones in just her one voice.  It is both beautiful and utterly frightening at the same time.

Emmeet runs over to stand between Roe-salie and me, leaning toward her and speaking softly to her.  I cannot hear any of what he says, but she backs down and pats her chin at him.  She looks at me, then, and warns, “You musssssn’t touch!  He isssss mine.  They both, are mine.”

I nod my head at her and look at Emmeet again.  It clicks.  “Wait.  How is that possible?  Emmeet is pregnant?”

I can feel the shock written all over my face, and I decide that I’m going to really look forward to learning more about this...err....species.


We all sit around an odd, kidney-bean shaped white table, including Essssme & Carlisss.  They both look incredibly happy and repeatedly lean their heads together, causing their temples and ears to touch.  I want to, no, need to know more.  I need to find out everything I possibly can about this little clan of intergalactic beings.  So many questions speed through my brain, and I’m finding it hard to filter them into most important and least important.

We’ve just sat down and have yet to start this meeting they’ve called.  I had begun to bombard them with questions earlier after I found out that it is Emmeet that is carrying his and Roe-salie’s child. and my mouth just won’t stop.  Then, this really weird screaming/groaning sound went through the ship, and Ah-lisss got this funny look on her face.  She looked at Jassspeer before walking away.  

Now, here we are, and once again, Ah-lisss and Jassspeer are huddled together and saying few words, but seem to be silently holding entire conversations with them.  Roe-salie stands behind a sitting Emmeet, taking what I can only call a protective stance around him, and throwing daggers from her eyes and in my direction every once in a while.  

Essssme makes a funny noise, almost like a laugh, yet not, then stands up.

“Bella.  I am ssssure you have an abundanccce of questionsss for usss.  We have questionsss for you as well.  I regret that we may not be able to anssser them all, but we ssshall try.”  She sits back down and motions to Emmeet with her hand.

I have to hold back a bubble of laughter that rises in my throat when I hear Emmeet’s voice again, sounding very feminine, and I wonder if it is a result of the...errr, his pregnancy.  Just thinking this pulls a manic giggle from me, and they all look at me, cocking their heads to one side or another.

“We are having a difficult tttime underssstanding why you find our pregnancccy confussssing, Bella,” Emmeet confesses as he looks over his shoulder and up at Roe-salie.  She moves her hand to run her finger over the holes behind his ears, that I notice, are covered by the protective skin layer.

I clear my throat, and all eyes fall on me, wide and slightly shocked.  Roe-salie jumps in front of Emmeet and pulls some sort of a weapon? from I don’t know where.

“gnyuck gnyuck,” Essssme yells loudly, and I wonder what I have done wrong.

“I’m sorry, I...I was just clearing my throat, so I could speak,” I explain, praying that they understand what I mean.  The seem to be able to understand most things I say, but some of our mannerisms, like smiling, and obviously, throat-clearing, mean much different things to each of us.

Essssme reaches her hand out to Roe-salie, then moves it over toward me, saying “Sa-ahn!”  Her voice cloaked, with a touch of authority.

Roe-salie straightens and steps to the side of Emmeet, looking over at me.  Then, so quietly that I can barely hear, she says, “Sa-ahn.”  My guess is that it means sorry, or something close to it.

“Sorry,” I say.

“Sa-ahn,” Roe-salie again says, bumping the bottom of her chin with the top of her hand.

“Yes.  Sa-ahn.  Sorry,” I say to them all, hoping they are understanding my explanation.

“Sar-E,” Carlissss says, and his voice is like a silk ribbon cutting through the air.  Goose bumps raise up on my arms, while the rest of my body flushes a little.  “Sar-E, Sar-E, Sar-E.”  He repeats my word over and over again, trying it out, and I close my eyes, trying to compose myself and my body’s hormonal betrayal.  When I reopen them, all eyes are on me once again, and I notice that all of their back “ear-holes” have opened.

“What are the holes behind your ears?”  Before I can stop my mouth, the words are out leaving me feeling like a total jackass.

Ah-liss jumps up on the table in one leap and walks across it toward me.  She sits cross-legged just a foot in front of me, still on the table.  “Sssensors.  We tassste the air with them, and your emotionsssss.”  She leans in closer to me and quietly whispers, “We usssse them in other sssituationss assss well.”  After she says the last part she looks at me, her eyes asking if I understand, and I really, really do.

“Why do you not have them?”  Jassspeer asks this time, and his voice comes out as a deep baritone.

“Ah, well, because you are from a different planet, maybe galaxy, than I am from.  Where I am from, it is the female in a relationship, or mated pair, that carries a child in pregnancy, not the man.  I am confused about how this works for you.  What planet do you come from?”  This is what the meeting is for.  To ask questions and give answers, and I finally remind myself to not be afraid.  They seem like gentle beings, aside from the protective Roe-salie, but I can even understand that.  My brain wants answers, craves them, while my heart is not so sure it wants to know.  My heart screams for Charlie, for home, and for familiarity.

At my explanation, the group bursts into conversation, talking to each other quickly and gesturing wildly with their hands and arms.  This goes on for a few minutes, and all I can do is sit and watch, completely transfixed.  Their movements seem choreographed and fluid, truly beautiful like a whacked out ballet.  Essssme puts her hand in the air and flicks her fingers outward, immediately silencing all the others.

“Our home planet is Sisla, and we are in the Thwah-ohhn gah-laxi.  Where issss it that you come from, Bell-ah?” Essssme asks, speaking with the clearness of assured authority in the group.

“I come from the planet Earth, in the Milky Way Galaxy.  I’m human, and I’m an astronaut.  How far away from the Milky Way Galaxy are we?”

“A very great deesssstance, child.  Very great,” Essssme says, then looks away from me and over to Carlissss.

I’m suddenly reminded of my humanity as I feel a stab of pain in my abdomen.  I really need to piss.  “Um, could you direct me to the bathroom?”

Bath rooom?” Ah-lisss questions, confusion written plainly on her face.

“Umm, urinate...expel?”  I hope they will understand one of these words.

Emmeet jumps up quickly and raises his hand in the air, kind of pumping his arm and yells, “Pi-pee.”

This time, I truly can’t hold my laughter in, which is a shame in my condition because I giggle at that so hard that I almost piss myself.  I lean over at the waist, attempting to regain a little dignity.  Without my notice, Ah-liss has hopped down from the table and loops her arm through mine, pulling me from the room.  I hope that they are all here when I return because I still have so many questions for them.

We move down an adjacent corridor from the one we traveled to enter the chamber we just left.  This hallway looks a little more comfortable, almost decorated if I could call it that.  There are random works of what I can only call art attached to walls and small lights, not all that different from the rope lights I have on my porch at home, adorn the walls and cutouts in the walls, blinking to their own rhythm.  

Ah-liss takes a step in front of me, turns us down a small passage, and pushes a door open.  As I walk through the door, I look around and take in the room and my surroundings.  All words and thoughts escape me as I take stock of the enormous room we’ve just entered.  Where it lacks in decoration, it makes up in what you could call natural “light” and “space.”  Another manic giggle bursts out of my chest, and I walk over to the largest window I’ve ever seen in my life.  The window is actually an outside wall of the ship but I can tell that the glass, or whatever material they use, is incredibly thick and resistant.  

The view.  I cannot come close to explaining the view.  I may be in space, where it would seem that it would be so dark; it is anything but dark.  Through the window I can see stars for years and years.  Stars for miles and infinite space, and it is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.  I want to never look away, but I feel a tug on my hand as Ah-liss leads me through another door into an interesting looking bathroom.  I need to stop expecting things to look even remotely normal here.

I relieve my bladder, and the second I stand up, there is the sound of suction.  The lavatory is immediately emptied.  I put my hands under what I think is a faucet, and a puff of some vapory substance shoots out at my hands.  There are no towels, so I air my hands out, attempting to dry the vapor, and wave my hand in front of the door censor.  Ah-lisss is sitting on a plush red chair when I come out, and I walk back over to the window.

The ship must have turned, because now the view in front of me is a swirl of many different colors.  I’m not sure if it is a nebula, or gases or another galaxy, but it takes my breath away.

“So beautiful,” I whisper, afraid that if I speak any louder, it may disappear.

“That isss Kazwhahk, where my Jassspeer come from,” Ah-lisss tells me with a far-off look in her eyes.  “There wassss war there.  Mossst met their death, and that issss why there are only particlesss now.  You mussn’t ever ssspeak of that to my Jassspeer.”

I look over at Ah-lisss, studying her.  It is the most subdued I’ve seen and heard her, conveying the gravity, the sadness, of whatever took place on that planet.  “I won’t.”

Out of the quiet, there is a strange clicking sound, almost like the sound your tongue makes when you trill it, but without the sound.  A silent trill, yet so very loud.  It echoes through the large hall we are standing in, and I quickly look over to Ah-lisss.  Her eyes grow very large, and she taps the backside of her wrist to her chin, grabs my hand and pulls me behind her as she begins to run.

She pulls me through corridors that I have not been down, and I can feel us going further and further into the heart of the ship.  After we run for several minutes, she slows when we come to a glass door.  She waves her hand in front of the door censor, and pulls me in behind her when it opens.  There are four different halls that we could walk down, but she pulls me down the furthest to the left.  It is lit with red wall sconces that give off a dim, almost seductive feel.  As I walk behind Ah-lisss, I think about how odd it is that a certain color of light would make me feel seductive, but it does.

Ah-lisss slows a little more, and I walk beside her, wondering where she has brought me.  It hits me like a truck, no, like a freight train as we come to a door.  A plain metal door and swirls of lust, euphoria and serentity surge through me.

“Zook-pah!” Ah-lisss exclaims.  I have no fucking idea what it means, but I know that whatever she has just said, makes complete sense for what I am feeling right now.  I don’t understand any of this, but at the same time, I don’t really care why.  Nothing matters, everything matters.  

I look at Ah-lisss for answers and see her back ear holes open; she leans close to me as they flare wider.

Another sound comes from behind the door, and it sounds a bit like the noise that Emmeet had made earlier.  Something about that sound draws me closer to the door, and part of me feels like I should be clawing my way through it.  Fuck the material.  Fuck the fact that it may leave my fingers bloody and broken.  My entire body feels like it is on fire.  Maybe I should feel embarrassed at the intense nearness of an oncoming orgasm, but I don’t.  I can’t.  This feels nothing but perfect.

I feel a light sweat break out over my upper lip, and Ah-lisss makes a sound in her throat.  Somehow, I can’t really be bothered by it.  Nothing matters right now, other than me and what or whoever it is behind that door.  

Ah-lisss moves me over to the side, and I hiss out loud.  Did that just come from me? She waves her hand in front of the door censor, and the feeling increases ten-fold.  My inner coils begin to spasm, and Ah-liss makes that noise again.

“Please.”  It’s all I can say as the door slowly opens, and I’m confronted with the most perfect being I’ve ever seen.

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