In The Deepest Space - Chapter 4: Oh, the kidney -- bean
In The Deepest Space

Chapter 4:  Oh, the kidney -- bean
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Ahhh-ghizhhhhhhh - a calming sound to soothe

huhn huhn - the sound of their laughter

bringing back of wrist to touch underside of chin - meanings 1.)  I cherish you 2.) acknowledges someones youth

Shahn - No

Coupling - twin; dual birth

Shellssss - bodies

Deitssska - their deity

Zzhoh-PLAH - Incoming attack; an explanation that kind of means “here we go”

Bella's POV ~

I sprint through the doorway of the kitchen, turn left down a hallway, come to a four-way intersection, and ... for crying out loud, I’m not even driving.  In my head, I start reciting eenie meenie miney mo, but I hear foot steps behind me so I just choose to go straight.  I think this is the right way, the way to him, BANO, Edwaird, whatever.

They are much faster than I am and catch up with me; I’m not even close to him, but I feel like I’m going into hysterics.  Why are they stopping me?  He is hurt, and I have to go!  I just have to.

“Shahn,” Essssme says, gently gripping my shoulder to stop me.  I move to pull away, but she makes that noise that turns me into goo.

“Ahhh-ghizhhhhhhh.  Calllm, Bell-a,” Emmeet says in his voice that seems to be more high pitched by the minute.

And I do.  I calm to slush in Emmeet’s arms once again.

Damn, I need to learn how to do that.

They carry me down a hall, and we pass through the room with the huge window again.  This time the space sky is much darker than it was when I walked through here with Ah-lisssss to relieve myself.  

Emmeet carries me through a set of intricately carved red doors and into a lounge area.  The rest follow behind, and damn, once again the room is lined with those fucking kidney beans.  I’m going to have to ask about that.

The room is a myriad of colors; I swear that Lucky Charms dude must have puked in here.  My mouth waters a little at the thought of the cereal that I will probably never eat again.  It isn’t my favorite by any means, but it still holds a place close to my heart.  The top cereal spot in my heart will eternally belong to Golden Grahams.  However, I need to stop thinking about that before my stomach growls again, and I freak Emmeet out.

Emmeet walks over to a plush magenta-colored chair and gently sets me down in it.  He walks to the couch adjacent and lies down on his stomach - probably so he doesn’t squish the baby.  A maniacal giggle escapes me, but they don’t freak out this time.  I imagine they are growing used to all the sounds I make that are odd or threatening to them.

The others file into the room and all take seats in random spots of the room.  Essssme and Carlisss sit close together, and Roe-salie takes her usual protective stance over Emmeet.  Jasssspeer fiddles with something over in the corner near what appears to be a bookshelf, but is not used for books, while Ah-lisssss takes the chair beside mine, fidgeting with an invisible seam on the sleeve of her garment.

As usual, Essssme speaks first, and I learn why as she begins to tell me of their family and their origin, of their home, and of why Edwaird (BANO!) is not hurt, but actually terrific right now.

I can’t shake my worry, or figure out why I’m so worried about him.


Esssssme POV ~

It isssss time that the human female learned more about usssss.  Edwaird hassss begun the mating call, ssssso it issss decided, Bell-a will be part of our tribe.  Sssshe is the lasssst piece to make usssssss an entirety; Edwaird hasssss been waiting patiently, and hissss mate hasss come to him.

It will be besssst to ssstart with the beginning.

Bell-a.  I will tell you about ussss and where we originate.”

Ssshe leans back in the chair, and I am privy to noticccce the way that Ah-lissss appearssss protective of the human female.  It is mossst appropriate in consssideration of her closssenesssss with her coupling**.

“Our tribe ssssserves one purpose.  That purposssse is to aid our home planet, Sssssisla, in its protection.  The individual tribessss of Sssssisla take ressssponsibility for varioussss occupationsss which are given freely to provide a higher quality of longevity for our people.”

“My tribe, the Cul-len Tribe, isssss resssponsible for the most important occupation upon all of Sssisla, and that issss our home planet’ssss protection from rebelliousssss tribessss.”

“Ssssisla is perhapssss the mosssst aged planet known.  I’ve done ressssearch through our databassse and located much information about your planet Ea-rth.  It issss a young planet, and your life cccycle issss not impressssive.  Your aging expectancy topssss out at approximately 100 years, which equates 3 querassss for us.  Our age is meassssured in this manner, and we carry out up to 12 querassssss, more if our shellsss** remain healthy.”

“Thessse rebellion tribessss have been invading planet after planet in our galaxy, asssss well as others, sssscouring the land and taking whatever they prefer...if they possessss the brawn to do ssssso.  They have attempted hundredsssss of attackssss on Ssssisla for the duration of our charge, and after we are gone, they will continue.”

Bell-a moves her body in the chair and draws her oral skin flap into her orifice.  

“Well, what do they want from you?  How many times have they attacked, and if I may ask, how old are you?”

“Huhn, huhn.”  I tap the rear of my wrisssst to my chin.  Bell-a lookssss around the room, awaiting reaction from the otherssss.

“They desire our deathssss above all, after that, they want to usssse up the resourcesss our land and home planet provide.  They wishhhh to bleed it until it crackssss, then bleed further ssstill before they move onto the next planet.  They are parassssites.  They have never reached Ssssisla, because we have alwayssss defeated them, four timesssss.  Each time they attack, it takes a great length of time to conquer them, and they sssslither away, only to rebuild and attack again.  We have great armor and great weaponssss.  They have never been a match for ussss.”

Bell-a nibblessss on her oral sssskin flap and sssseems to contemplate all that I have exxxxxplained to her.  Sssshe beginsss to sssspeak, but I remember that sssshe has requesssted information of me.  I continue.

“Carlissss is six querassss, as am I.  However, I am earlier in my ssssixth quera.  Emmeet, Roe-salie and Jasssspeer are all in their mid-third quera while Ah-lisssss and Edwaird are in the beginning of their ssssecond quera.  With the mated pair of Ah-lissss and Jasssspeer, it agessss Ah-lissss a bit more.  Edwaird and Ah-lissss are of the ssssame birthing, but Edwaird is behind becaussssse he is not fully mated.

Bell-a’sssss pillar brow risessss, and I let her ssspeak this time.  “Fully mated?  What do you mean fully mated?  Has he begun to mate with another of your kind?”

Panic beginsss to sssseep into her voice, and Ah-lissss leanssss closse to her head and buzzessss in her hearing sssshell.  Bell-a’ssss skin ripples ever sssso sssslightly, but ssshe calmsss.  Again, I explain.

“You are upset, child, and I believe that I understand the reassssson behind your upssssetting.  You have feelingssss for our Edwaird.”  Bell-a beginsss to sshake her head, but I quickly continue, “Bell-a, the pairing isss decided, and asss much asss you may want to return to your planet Ea-rth, it issss not posssssible.  It would causssse your final death.  That issss ssssomething we can not allow, becausssse if you were to die, Edwaird would follow you to your death place.”

Bell-a’ssss face changesss a little, and she asks, “Why would BAN-Edwaird follow me to my death place?  He just met me.”

“You are hissss fated mate, child.  Ah-lissss hass deemed it true, and all things are are sssshown through Ah-lissss.  It issss the will of Deitssska.”**

Before I am able to continue, the blue light near the room’s entrance illuminatesss.  Emmeet sssees it at the sssssame time that I do, and he leapsss up from his chair.  “Re-belssss,” he ssscreechess and runsss toward the door.  All at once, the ressst of my tribe is on our feet and running after Emmeet, moving through the corridorsss quickly toward the control room.  Behind usss, Bell-a asks questions and sssstickss closssely to Ah-lisssss.  

Thisss comforts me, that Bell-a will pair with Ah-lissss during thisss fight.  The rest of our attentionssss mussst be spent on the oncoming attack.


Bella’s POV ~

I pace around the room with all of the satelites and decide that it must be some kind of defense or control room.  Emmeet sits at the large front window, steering the ship if you will, with Carlisss in the co-pilot’s seat.  Esme and Roe-salie tap on nearly invisible specks on the glass maps that sit vertically in front of them.  I can’t decide if they come from the ceiling or from the base that sits below them.

I stop to the left of Ah-lisss, who continuously makes circles on her temples with her fingers and keeps her eyes shut.  Essssme and Roe-salie speak quickly, and it doesn’t take me long to notice that while the men are piloting, it is the women who direct them in the act of this battle.  It intrigues me.  I want to ask Ah-liss why, but she looks too focused.  I don’t want to interrupt whatever it is she is doing.

At first, the attack seems mild.  Every once in a while I hear Esssssme say something in exasperation, then Roe-salie yell something, and all will be quiet again.  This seems to go on for a while, and through most of it, Ah-liss remains in the same pose.  I’m beginning to worry a little bit until she jumps from the chair she has been sitting in, and yells, “Zzhoh-PLAH!”

The force of her voice startles me, causing me to jump.

Everything gets crazy then, and a couple of minutes later, the entire ship shakes with the force of an attack.  I’m thrown off of my feet, falling to the floor as the ship heaves out of control.  

Bell-a!  Take sssssafety!” Esssme shouts at me as she begins to furiously punch at more little specks on the glass screen.  I run over toward Ah-lisss, and ssshe gripssss onto me, hauling me through the door of the control room and through the maze of hallways to a different area of the ship.  The ship sways this way and that, and I find it hard to stay on my feet.  There are several instances when the ship is jolted, and both Ah-lisss and I are thrown against the wall of the hallway, before falling to the floor.  The second the ship is righted, Ah-lissss jumps to her feet, pulling me behind her, and runs once again.

When we turn down the last hallway, I realize where we are, and my tummy flutters a little.  We slow down now that we are outside of BANO’s door, and she grips my hand once we stand just outside of his room.

“Edwaird will sssleep.  He musst sleep to endure his transssition to the mating phase.  Pleassse, be careful with him.  I promissse to retrieve you the ssssoonest I am able,” Ah-lissss explains.  She seems to think on something a minute, then tips her forehead to mine and rests it there for a second.  She gently pulls away, waves her hand across BANO’s door sensor, and flees back toward the control room.

The door of BANO’s room begins to slide shut, and I squeeze through before I can’t fit.  As Ah-lisss said, he sleeps upon his massive bed, tangled in the sheets and whimpering every once in a while.  I look around to find something to do, but the ship jolts several times, and I decide that sleeping through the worst of this might be the best idea.

I walk over to the fucking kidney-bean shaped couch on the wall farthest from where BANO...Edwaird sleeps and sit down.  It feels kind of spongy, and I sink into it a little.  It isn’t so bad.  I lay down, but I can’t get comfortable, as it’s too spongy.  I stand up and begin to pace the room until the ship shudders once again.  I’m thrown from my feet, landing at the foot of the bed, and wait for the ship to even out before I attempt to stand.  

He speaks then, and though he isn’t awake, I can’t shake the heat that slices through my core at the sound of his velvety voice speaking my name.  It’s music to my ears, like a symphony, all the  angels heaven can muster harmonizing in a beautiful chord just for me.  The sound moves all throughout my body, making me feel as though white light has sprouted out through my toes, fingertips and through the top of my head.

I feel my head begin to go fuzzy when he moans and says my name again, and I can’t help it when my legs give out on me, causing me fall on the bed.  I feel whoozy, and for a second, I think I’m dreaming.  All of a sudden, BANO is above me, with eyes closed, and scoops me up into his arms, moving toward the head of the bed.  He lays me down, then nestles into my side, resting his face in the crook of my neck.  I feel his breath on my neck, and I have to chant in my head, Ah-lisss’ words.  He needs to sleep, he needs to sleep.  So, I close my eyes and do my best to level my breathing, unaware of when I finally fall asleep.

My body floats on a plane of inner existence.  Ripple waves course around, through, and over me.  I feel a pulsing within me, and see it’s luxurious color.  At first look, it is a royal blue going on purple, but the pulse grows stronger and stronger and the color shifts and within it, I see white light that swirls to yellow and turns to a bright green.  The bright green morphs to an emerald green, and this is where the color stays as I swim in its richness.  This color:  the smell of rain on a warm spring day, the feel of freshly cut grass under my feet, Charlie’s smile after I’ve baked him cookies.

The color begins to change again, but not visually.  The feeling within me is what changes and suddenly, the green is surrounded by white with a dot of black in the center.  Eyes surrounded by long, thick lashes.  Reddish hair atop the head of a beautiful man.  My BANO, my Edwaird.  I want to call his name, I want my voice to shiver along his spine and weave its way into his nerves so that he will always feel me there, within him.  I want his fingers to know every part of my body without ever needing to look upon it.

His body moves over mine, and we tumble, round and round and round in our infinity.  I will no longer be only me.  To be only me would be utter loneliness.  I feel my spirit travel through my finger tips and join his as I touch him.  When his fingers gently grip onto my arms, I feel all the beauty of him enter me, residing in a space that my heart carved out just for him.

The feeling is intense, and all through out my trunk, finger and toes, I feel heat.  Heat in my ears as he leans in to whisper something to me.  I have no idea what he says; I cannot hear his voice, but the sensation of his breath upon my ear is the most sensual thing I have ever felt in my life.  I lift my hand up to trail the shell of his ear, and his head tips back, ecstasy written plainly on his face.  

Our chests rise and fall together, quickly, and I begin to pant.  We no longer tumble through air, but lay upon the greenest grass I’ve ever laid eyes on.  I see yellow speckles at the tips of each individual blade of grass, and suddenly, Edwaird hovers over me.  His mouth makes the shape of my name, but I cannot hear it, rather feel it reverberate through my chest.  Sparks of lust lap through me, and I scream in a silent cry as I fall over the edge into oblivion.  Edwaird’s head tips back, and he lets go of a silent yet thunderous groan that pulls a second orgasm from me.  I feel the rumble of it inside of my ribcage, it almost feels as though it moves apart to make room for him.  

I’m abruptly woken from the best dream I’ve ever fucking had in my life as I feel my body get thrown against the wall next to the bed.  It knocks the air out of me, and I begin to panic, but see Edwaird’s eyes open and looking at me.  The fact that I’ve called him Edwaird and not BANO does not go unnoticed in my head, but now, since that dream, he is only Edwaird.  My Edwaird.  I open my mouth to ask him what is going on, but I can’t say anything as I feel his fingers trace my lips.  They begin to tingle, and after only a few moments of this, his hand falls back to the bed.  With his eyes drifting shut once more, my name is a whisper falling from his mouth.

The ship jolts hard.  This time I fly upward, hitting my head on the wall that is just a few feet above us, then fall back to the bed.  Since Edwaird was already in a prone position, his body only lifts up slightly, leaving him to his heavy slumber.  My vision swims with spots as I lay on the bed, trying to come through the battering to my body.  It’s of no use because my vision goes black, and I remember nothing.

Through the haze of a dreamless sleep, there is a fuzzy scenario that plays out in front of me.  Surely I must be dreaming this, but my limbs feel heavy, like I’m awake but groggy.  

The door to Edwaird’s room slides open, and Carlissss is about to take a step through, with Esssssme following.  His foot stops mid-air, and he does not come all the way in.  Esssme begins to speak rapidly, but in a hushed tone, and behind she and Carlissss, I see Ah-lissss stopping abruptly.

Carlisssss slowly backs away from the door and down the hallway, never turning his back from the door.  The second the two women step through the doorway, something inside of me breaks, and I feel the urge to stand over my Edwaird, bear my teeth at the two women, and make them leave.

“He is mine!” I spit at them through my teeth.

Esssme buzzes through her teeth, but for some reason, it doesn’t work on me this time.  It infuriates me, and I feel a rumble move up from my throat and escape my mouth.  A menacing growl comes out of me, and both women are taken aback by it.  They quickly recover and Ah-lisss grabs some kind of a blanket from the kidney-bean couch.  They stalk closer, and I feel more threatened the closer they come.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I know they won’t hurt him, or me for that matter, but whatever protective emotion I’m feeling right now, I can’t put aside.  I hope they realize I mean no harm.

They stalk closer yet, and I growl once more.  Edwaird stirs a little, and I look down at him.  That is when Ah-lisss pounces on me.  My head is covered with the blanket, and they both buzz loudly at me.  I can’t fight their combined efforts, and I fade.
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