In the Deepest space - Chapter 8: Your Ovum Does WHAT?
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Deitssska - their deity

Chapter 8 – Your Ovum Does WHAT?

Bella’s POV ~

When I wake, Edwaird is sleeping soundly on the bed beside me.  The room is dark, and I look around, squinting to see if I can determine if we are still in that hill or back at the house, and what time of day, night, or early morning it is.  I gently move off of the bed so that I don’t wake Edwaird and step over to a tall window.  I look out over two moons that are beginning to lower in the sky, telling me that we may be getting onto morning.

“How issssss your health, Bell-a?”  I jump, unaware that anyone is in the room as Esssme walks up to stand beside me.  I place my hand over my heart where it thumps out of control.

“Oh.  Hello, Esssme.  My health is fine.  What happened?” I question, unable to remember anything but the computer screen focusing on Charlie in that hill bunker.

“You heet a black ssssspell, child.  You have undergone sssssso much.  You musssst come to find nourissssshment?” Esssme says, walking over toward the door but grabbing onto my hand before she is very far from me.  

I look over my shoulder to see that Edwaird is still sound asleep on the bed, and my tummy growls.  “Yeah, I haven’t eaten in quite some time.  I’ve always been like that, though.  Charlie, my dad, used to joke that I had a second stomach where I stored food.  He said I could hibernate if I wanted to.”  I chuckle, thinking of my dad once again.  A smile creeps up on my face, and I’m so happy, so relieved, that I got to see Charlie.  Part of the memory feels fuzzy, like a dream, but I know that it happened.  I remember how my heart felt, so full with love yet housing a twinge of pain and making me feel as though I would burst.

“So.  I blacked out then?  I guess that could be expected, considering everything that has happened.”

Esssme pulls me down a hall, and we descend a different staircase, entering into what appears to be the kitchen.  In the light of the kitchen, she nods her head.  “Yesss, child.  Your black sssspell is mosssst understood.  Your ssshell,” she gestures at my body, “and your computer,” she points to my head, “have been through a great ccchange.  Ssssit here.”

She moves me over to sit in a large chair over by a hearth where a huge fire blazes.  This kitchen is like something out of Wuthering Heights, or some other book from that era.  Everything about this house looks like it was all “Beam Me Up, Scotty” back in the 1800’s and teleported here.  But really, the house is perfect.  I know that when we get into the city, it is going to be a severe shock to my system.  I shudder at the potential of all of the kidney bean shaped furniture and buildings there could be.

Esssme drapes a blanket over my lap then moves over to the kitchen area and begins pulling things from a shelf and from what appears to be some type of refrigeration unit.  I look around, studying the kitchen.  It is very large and has three doors that allow entrance and exit.  There is a contraption that hangs from the ceiling made of some iron-looking material but I’m not sure what it is used for.  Along the far wall, there is another smaller fire where a large kettle rests over the flame.  Essssme chops something up and throws the pieces into the pot.  The walls are a kind of natural brown color, not from paint, but with whatever was used to construct the home, like the walls were left in their bare, natural form.  

I feel slightly chilled, so I turn back to the fire, where I see a book out of the corner of my eye.  I pick it up and begin flipping through the pages, noticing it must be like some sort of coffee table book as there are mostly pictures in it.  I chuckle to myself, realizing they even have the dreaded coffee table book in outer space.  The photos are slightly grainy and consist of landmarks as well as photos of their moons and maybe a few other smaller, uninhabited plantest surrounding this one.  I get lost in the pictures and don’t notice when Essssme has brought a bowl over and placed it down on the table in front of me.

Esssme walks back over to me and takes the book out of my hand, setting it on the table beside the chair.  “Huhn, huhn.  Bell-a, you mussssst,” she says, pointing at the bowl of food.

“Sorry, I got caught up in the book.”  I smile at her and pick up the steaming bowl.  It smells....well it smells fucking divine, and I dip in the spoon-like utensil, drawing some of the broth up to my lips.  I smell it first, then taste it.  It’s fucking good.  I could drink just the broth and feel satisfied, but I don’t.  I dip the spoon in further and find that there are some kinds of what look like are root vegetables, as well as some cooked greens.  I sample three different root vegetables, then the greens and finally find the source of the salty flavor.  There is a heavier meat toward the bottom of the bowl.  I don’t question whether it could be Sssoom, just put it in my mouth.  The texture is not what I expect at all.  I was expecting it to at least be a little chewy, like meat usually is, but instead, this meat was kind of flaky, like fish.

No matter, it all tastes divine, and within minutes, I’ve polished the bowl off and can’t help the small burb that escapes me.  From the doorway, I hear a deep baritone say, “HOOGP.”  I leap out of the chair to see Emmeet standing in the doorway, smiling from ear to ear.  

“Burp,” I reply, smiling back at him.

“Berrp,” he interprets, and I nod, smiling.

I sit back down, and Esssme is back at my side, collecting my bowl, then setting another small plate in front of me.  It holds several very colorful foods, colors that food just shouldn’t come in.  I’ve seen some of these colors in the bad clothing era that was the early ‘90s when it was hip to wear florescent colors.  Some of the food is dotted with tiny black seeds; it looks like it could be fruit.  I decide to give it a chance, considering I was nervous about the stew, and that did not disappoint at all.

I pick up one of the less vibrantly colored pieces of food and bite into it.  It is green in color, seafoam green, and has a pungent, salty flavor with a hint of sweetness.  I finish it and try another, this one is more blood red colored.  It tastes zesty, kind of peppery, not what I was expecting at all.  I don’t like that one, but I finish it nonetheless.  I eat as much as I can, and overall, everything was pretty fucking good.  I feel full, and if I’m honest, a bit sleepy once again.

I stand up, patting Emmeet on the shoulder where he sits across from me and walk over to the small fire place where Essssme stands, coaxing the coals and logs there.  “Thank you for the food.  It was delicious.”

Esssme turns toward me, and I don’t know what comes over me, but all of a sudden, I want to hug her to me fiercely.  So I do, because she feels like the mother I really need right now.  I wrap my arms tightly around her neck, crushing her to me, then rest my head on her shoulder.  She lets out a little “Oof” but wraps her arms around my back and pats my shoulder with one of them.  We stand like that for a few moments until I finally back away from her.  She has a wry smile on her face, and I smile back, then fly up the staircase that we descended earlier.

I look out the window in Edwaird’s room and notice that the sun is beginning to rise.  I quickly crawl up the bed and lay down beside Edwaird.  He stirs a little then pulls me to him, nuzzling into my neck.  The heat of it peppers my skin with goose bumps, and I feel a stirring of need within me.  Edwairds left hand comes up to my neck and begins to trace my jaw, dragging lightly across it then up to my face.  He traces my lips with his finger, then the bridge of my nose, my cheekbones, my brow bones, then the lines in my forehead.  He moves his fingers over to the side of my head, lightly tracing my ears, further stirring my need.  

I let out a little whimper, and he pulls me closer to him, turning me so that my back is to his chest.  I can feel him move behind me a little, then I feel his lips on the skin of my neck.  His lips softly caress my skin, nibbling, licking, tasting me.  I squirm under his hold, then press my ass into his groin.  He moves to my ear and begins to lick and nibble there, as his hand sneaks up the front of my shirt.

His fingers ghost along my ribcage, leaving behind a trail of more goosebumps, and a shuddery breath comes out of me.  My need grows even stronger for him, and he whispers in my ear, “Bell-a, thine mate.”

The words rip through me, creating heat in every single cell of my body, and I quickly turn over to face him, smashing my mouth to his and making his air, mine.  Our tongues mingle, taste, nip and even in the morning, he tastes good.  I want more of him, and before he has time to notice what I’m doing, I throw my leg over him, lifting myself up to straddle him.  I grind down on him ever so slightly, and he lets out a low grown, then pulls me back down closer to him.  I feel his cock grow rigid in seconds beneath me, and I kiss a trail down his neck.  

I sit up a little and grab the hem of his shirt.  He quickly sits up so that I can pull it off of him, and he does the same with my shirt, before falling back to the bed.  We do nothing but stare at each other for several moments until he finally reaches up and grasps my breast in one of his hands, lightly rubbing his thumb over my hard nipple.  I throw my head back a little and grind down onto him even more.  He lifts his hips up a little, meeting my friction with his own, and right now, I really don’t want fucking foreplay.  I need him in me, like I’ve never needed anything before.

“I need you, Edwaird,” I say, and it comes out pleading.  I don’t fucking care right now.  I awkwardly maneuver myself on the bed, still hovering slightly over him, and pull my bottoms off.  I help Edwaird out of his, and when we are both finally naked, I rest myself over his cock once again.  The feel of his hard cock settled against my core that aches for him feels perfect.  I rock against him a few times, creating friction and driving us both a little crazy.  Edwaird grips my forearms then, and says, “Bell-a.”  It comes out slightly strangled and needy sounding.  I smile at him.  

I lean down close to him, lick his ear, then kiss his lips, and sit back up.  I position him at my entrance and without anymore waiting or any kind of warning, I slam down on him.  We both gasp out loud at the suddenness of it and I sit there for a moment, reveling in the feel of him inside of me once again.

Edwaird grabs onto my hips, and I grip his thighs as I begin to slowly move my hips, rocking against him and making sure that as we move, his cock slides slightly in and out of me.  I can feel how wet I’m growing by the slickness of myself on Edwaird’s cock, and it turns me on even more.  Edwaird moves one of his hands from my hip and rubs at my clit.

“Uh.  Yes, baby.  That feels so good,” I say, spurring him on further.

Edwaird growls, beginning to pump into me harder, and I know I won’t last long.  “Please, Edwaird.  I’m going to come soon.”

He sits up then and grabs me roughly by the waist, pulling me away then back to him hard, as he slams into me.  I attack his mouth and feel the moisture of sweat on his upper lip, and I lick it.  He continues to slam into me, and I cannot hold out any longer.  My head falls backward as my release washes over me.  I moan, and whimper, “Edwaird.  Oh my Edwaird.”

He holds onto me, and his mouth finds my nipple, sucking on it and he pumps several more times into me until he erupts with a growl.  He moves slowly in me a few more times, spilling the rest of himself into me, then nuzzles his face into my neck once again.

“That issss the mossst pleasssant way to awaken on the sunrisssse,” we whispers in a throaty voice against the skin of my neck.  I clench my inner walls around him once more at his words, and he hisses at me.  I tip my head back up and look in his eyes, seeing so much emotion in them.  I smile at him and lower my mouth to his, giving him a small, yet emotional kiss that I hope conveys everything I am feeling right now.

I reluctantly roll off of him to lay in the bed beside him.  There is movement outside of our room, and I hear murmuring.  Edwaird chuckles lightly and sits up, scratching his head.  “We mussst prepare oursssselvesss, Bell-a.”

I swallow down the lump that forms in my throat and push myself up off of the bed.  Edwaird stands as well and points to a far door as he pulls on a pair of what I can only say closely resemble sweat pants, only a little stiffer.  I walk toward the door and step inside, as he walks toward the door that leaves the bedroom.  Inside the door I enter, is the en suite, and I realize that this house does not have sensors like the ship does.  This house has a deep basin tub that is a perfect circle shape and stands almost as high as my waist.  I look around, looking for a way to get inside of it, then see a step stool.  I climb up onto it and step through the heavy curtain, where there is not only a bath, but a shower head as well with normal handle nozzles.  I smile and lift both handles, turning the water on.

After my shower, I see that Edwaird has gotten clothes for me from one of the other females.  They look similar to the lounge clothes he put on earlier, and I quickly slip them on, then use Edwaird’s bristly hairbrush and pull the tangles out of my hair.  When I emerge from the bathroom, Edwaird is not there, but Ah-lisss is, sitting on a chair and reading something.  There is a crease in her brow, and I wonder what has put it there.

When she hears me step out of the bathroom, she looks up and smiles, then stands, walking over to me.  The furrow is gone, and she seems jubilant once again.  She grabs my hand and begins to pull me toward the door.

“Where are you taking me, Ah-lisss?” I ask, laughing slightly at her enthusiasm.  “And where is Edwaird?”

“You mussssst be prepared to meet our Queen, Bell-a.  Ssssooolpicccia requiressss that you be mossst ressspectable.  Edwaird isssss making preparationssss with our matessss,” Ah-lisss explains, pulling me behind her down the hall.

We enter a room where the other two women in the family sit, speaking with their heads tilted together.  Ah-lisss sits me down in a chair and immediately begins messing with my hair, and as I sit, I listen to them tell me what is expected of me.

Essssme’s POV ~

“Our planet isssss a very old planet, Bell-a.  Our kind live longer than mosssst of any other kind we retain knowledge of.  Our Queen, Sssooolpicccia, has reined our planet for nearly sexxxtenth querassss, which nearly equalssss seeexxxth hoondraid yairssssss in your time meassssurement.  Here on Ssssissla, it issss the mossst aged female in a clan that makesss decissssionsss, and all femalessss in a clan, cooridinate their functtion for the Queen,” I inform, Bell-a, for sssshe will need to learn thisss, if sssshe will remain here permanently.

And ssshe will.  Ah-lissss hassss ssseen it, although there are ssssome holessss that remain unknown.

“You are required to go before Queen Sssoolpicccia prior to the conccciato upon our ssssun’sss ssssetting thissss eve.  It issss not allowed to go before the Queen in plain dresssss, therefore, we all musssst look appropriate asss the Queen deemssss it.”

“Ah-lisssss and Roe-salie will prepare your crown at thisss moment, however, we will not dressss in our appropriate gownssss until we reach our other home, in the cccity.  We do not retain formal garb here at thisss home for there isss no ussse for it.  We will ssssoon prepare to travel the ssssmall disstance to the cccity, and Edwaird will sssshow you Ssssisla.  It isss important that you give Queen Sssoolpicccia a proper impressssion of your knowledge and admiration for Sssisla.”

Bell-a nodsss her head asss Ah-lisss preparess her hair.  Roe-salie beginsss to prepare her face to resssemble the proper image to meet the Queen.

“I mussst make my leave, to alssso prepare myssself.  Emmeet will announccce our departure sssoon,” I warn the females, then exit to my own chamber to prepare.

Bella’s POV ~

After Ah-lisss has seemingly pulled every single hair from my head, curled it, pinned it, teased it, and Roe-salie has plucked, waxed, scraped and painted on my “Queen worthy” face, I am finally deemed appropriate to see their Queen.  At least, my hair and face are appropriate.  I have yet to find out what they will make me wear, but will have to wait to we get to their home in the city to find out.

I leave the room while Ah-lisss and Roe-salie begin preparing themselves and go in search of Edwaird.  He is not in his room, so I wander the house, finally finding him in the kitchen, sitting next to Jassspeer and nibbling on some type of bread.  

He doesn’t initially notice me, but Jassspeer makes a little noise, causing Edwaird to turn around in his chair and stare at me, taking me in.  His eyes darken ever so slightly, and I’m glad that Jassspeer is in the room with us, because if he weren’t, Edwaird would quickly ruin all the work the girls had just done on me.

I offer Jassspeer a small smile and move over toward Edwaird, resting my hand on his shoulder but making no move to sit down.  If they are having a private conversation, I do not want to intrude.

From one of the front rooms, maybe the entryway of the house, I hear Emmeet bellow, “The ssship issss prepared.  We mussst go!”

His voice cracks several times as he speaks, sounding like he is a prepubescent boy.  It must be the hormones...or something.  Jassspeer and Edwaird stand up, and Edwaird grabs onto my hand.  He leans in and places a sweet, chaste kiss on my cheek, pulling me after him toward the front of the house.  Edwaird’s sweet kiss makes me a little nervous, as normally, his kisses are filled with passion.  He seemed distracted with that kiss just now and I wonder how nervous he is about my introduction to the queen.  Everyone is here but Ah-lisss, who, moments later, comes flying down the spiral staircase, carrying several bags.  I hear Esssme chuckle lightly behind me.

Once we are all loaded up on the pod, Emmeet lifts off, and we are soon on our way.  The window below my feet is uncovered so that I can again watch as we fly over forest, the river, and the nomads once again.  This world is so beautiful, and seeing such beauty makes me wonder about all of the questions that have been plaguing me.  Mostly one.

“Esssme?  May I ask you a question?” I ask, then quickly take a peek at Edwaird.  He smiles at me, and I look back at Esssme.

“Of courssse, child.  You may.”

I take a deep breath and try, once more, to get an answer to the question I’d asked before we ever got to Ssisla.

“Before we left the main ship, I had asked about the mating and carrying of children for your kind, but everything was so crazy then.  I’d still really like to know how that works.  Please?”  I ask, putting a little bit of a pleading tone into the last part.  

Esssme looks at Carlisss, then back to me and smiles.  “Yesss, I believe that it will be of importanccce for you to know.  Now that you and Edwaird are a mated pair, it will be important for usss to undersssstand how this will affect you.”

Esssme takes a deep breath, and I lean into Edwaird’s side, ready to finally hear this.

“When our kind matessss, we build a relationssship that will remain sssstrong until we both exxxpire.  There are ritualss in which we practiccce when preparing to reproduccce, and all mussst be completed before we begin the quessst to have a child.  I believe that you are not exactly interesssted in thessse ritualsss ssso much assss why it issss a male that carriesss the child, inssstead of the female, which mussst be the ssscenario for where you come from.”

I nod quickly, urging Esssme to continue.

Esssme clears her throat quietly, then her face turns a bit red as she looks to Carlisss, who smiles at her and chuckles.

“When the male and female come together for intercourssse, it isss at the height of their mating that the processss beginssss.  The female body holdssss the ovum, but releassesss at her climax, traveling through her body and to the opening in which ssshe issss connected to her male mate.  Of courssse, we know what the male’sss partssss look like, and they have an ovirecccceptor, that drawsss the egg from the female’ssss body, and into their own.  From there, the ovum travels through the male’sss body, via a tube, and isss deposssited into the gessstation sssack.  The ovum is fertilizzzed there and will remain their until emergenccce.”

As I take in all that Esssme is telling me, I think back to several biology classes I took when I was in college.  I remember something like this, and I think it had something to do with seahorses.  Actually, I’m sure it was seahorses.  I mostly understand everything she is talking about, except one thing.

“So, after the baby is born, what happens to the pouch on the back?”  I ask, pointing to my lower back to emphasize the meaning of my question.

“The gessstation sssack will dissolve once it isss no longer required.  The baby will no longer need it, and the ssshell will no longer sssend any required nutrientssss to it.  It will dry out, ssshed layersss, and then fall off.”

I shudder at the mental image of that a little, thinking about Emmeet losing his little baby fanny pack.  I’ll be sad when that happens, because I’ve never seen him without it.  The fanny pack kind of makes him... him.  

“Wow.  That’s incredible.  There is a sea creature on my planet that has a very similar reproduction process, but they are very very small and cannot survive out of water,” I offer, trying to say thank you for finally explaining all this to me.

We sit in silence for a while, and I begin to watch what passes us under our feet again.  The trip to the city seems to be taking longer than it did when we were traveling to the country home.  Just as I think this, the small pod shudders with some force.  I grip tightly onto Edwaird’s hand, and he leans down to my ear, whispering, “Sssecure port.”  He then sits back up and begins a conversation with Carlisss.

We stay here for a while, and while everyone around me seems to be caught up in conversation, I can’t help but wonder what their reproductive process means for Edwaird and me.  I wonder if we can ever have children together.  

I look up to see Esssme looking at me, and she offers me a soft smile.  It seems like she could almost tell what I was thinking about.

The pod makes another small shudder, and we begin to move once again for just a few moments.  We seem to circle a few times, then we finally move into a docking station that is completely enclosed.  The view below is gone, and everyone begins to stand, grabbing the bags they have packed and brought with them.  Edwaird stands up, pulling me up beside him and gently squeezing my hand.

“We have arrived to our permanent resssidencce, Bell-a,” Edwaird explains as he pulls me to the door of the pod.  This time, we are the first off, and as soon as I’m out of the pod, I look around and check out my surroundings.

And what do you fucking know?  Kidney fucking beans.
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