In The Deepest Space - Chapter 9: Teaser

Chapter 9 - Hovercraft For Two, Please

Bella's POV ~

“Sssshow the female what there isss to sssee.  Make her cherisssh it assss we do.”  With that, the old man walks around the counter again, but disappears through a small doorway with more of the same strips of cloth he had wrapped around his head, hanging from it.

I look up at Edwaird again, and he has an unreadable expression on his face.  He changes it quickly as we emerge into the sun once again.  He leads us to the side of the small building where there is a row of some type of hovercraft.  He pushes something on the odd key that the old man gave him inside, and one of the craft hums to life.  The color changes from a dull
grey to a vibrant red as Edwaird walks over to it.  I follow him, and he takes my hand, helping me sit down on it.  It kind of looks like a motorcycle, but after Edwaird sits down and pushes another button, the craft rises off of the ground slightly, and we begin hovering.  Another button, and suddenly, a glass-like shield encloses us on the hovercraft.  Awesome.  Now, no matter how fast we go, I don’t have to worry about the wind ruining the work that Roe-salie and Ah-lissss did to my hair.

Edwaird flies us around on the hovercraft, and mostly, we look at all of the people just below us.  There is a large market area that I am quite fascinated with, so we spend a lot of time looking there.  Edwaird also wants to show me the rest of the city, the buildings, and of course, the Queen’s domain.  It is dark and covered with sharp angles.  I get a weird feeling looking at it, maybe a bit foreboding, but I don’t tell Edwaird about that.  I don’t want to worry him anymore than he already is.

We don’t get off of the hovercraft for the entire city tour, which takes a while, until we come to the very end of it, as Edwaird says.  We actually return the hovercraft to the shop we first stopped at near Edwaird’s home, but then walk further down the hill.  We venture to the west of town by what I would call a few “city blocks” until we come to another shop.  While the shop that offered the hovercraft rental reminded me a bit of a gypsy’s trading post, this is anything but.  The doorway to this shop is decorated with tiny crystals of every color.  The door is painted a green
that pales in comparison to the color of Edwaird’s eyes, but the entire facade itself is quite impressive.  

Edwaird opens the door and gestures for me to go inside...
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